Top 5 Biggest Farmers Markets in the Pacific Northwest


Springtime in the Pacific Northwest means farmers’ markets are ready to open. Farmers’ markets are the best places to find local fruits, vegetables, crafts made by hand, jams, jellies, treats from the bakery and more. Let’s look at the biggest farmer’s markets in five big cities in Washington, Oregon and California, plus an extra one in British Columbia, Canada, our neighbor to the north.

1 . Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in San Francisco, CA

Open all year round on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. It has been named one of America’s top 10 best farmer’s markets, so if you go to San Francisco, you should check it out!

Top 5 Biggest Farmers Markets in the Pacific Northwest

2 . University District Farmers Market in Seattle, WA

Also, this farmers market is open all year. It’s close to the University of Washington, and on a sunny day, you can see street performers who add to Seattle’s cool, eclectic vibe. In the U-District, finding a place to park might be hard.

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3 . Portland Farmers Market at PSU in Portland, OR

If you want to go to Oregon’s biggest farmers market, set your GPS to the one at Portland State University (PSU) instead of others. This one is open all year long, every Saturday except December 30. People like to bring their pets to the farmers market for some reason, but please keep them away from the food. No one wants to walk into your pet on the way to the door or find dog hair in their food.

Top 5 Biggest Farmers Markets in the Pacific Northwest

4 . Original Farmers Market in Los Angeles

You could go to the Hollywood Farmers Market, but it’s different from the original. In fact, the one in Los Angeles is open daily, while the one in Hollywood is only open on Saturdays. The Original Farmers Market is so big that tours are available.

5 . Trout Lake Farmers Market in Vancouver, British Columbia

From April 1 to the last Saturday in October, the biggest farmers market in Vancouver is open every Saturday. Make sure you stop by this place on your next trip.

Top 5 Biggest Farmers Markets in the Pacific Northwest

This farmers market does not have a parking lot, so you should take public transportation, ride a bike, or park nearby.


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