Portland Bar Re-Opens in Memory of Late Entrepreneur In Portland

A bar that was owned by a businessman who di*d tragically in Portland last year will reopen on Saturday, 1 April 2023.

Kevin McDowell, who was 35 years old, drowned in the Columbia River last June. He had just helped a woman who was having trouble swimming. The woman lived, but McDowell did not. His body was found eight days after he jumped into the water, several miles from where he did it.

Capitol Bar & Lounge, which McDowell and his fiancee owned together, will open for the first time since his death on Saturday.

The doors will open at 11 a.m. for brunch with a live DJ on Saturday.


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When Desiree Guy bought the Capitol Bar & Lounge a little over a year ago, she made her fiance, McDowell, a partner in the business.

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“He was such a beautiful spirit. He was so goofy and outspoken and loud aside from being 6’8″ he just stood out for his presence and energy,” Guy said.

The couple had big plans for the space, but they ran into problems before they could open. For example, just days after Guy bought the building, a car crashed into the front of it, causing it to need a lot of work.

The guy is still getting over the trauma, but she thinks McDowell would be proud of how far she’s come as a young black female business owner who, despite everything, kept going and opened Capitol.

Portland Bar Re-Opens in Memory of Late Entrepreneur

“We had a vision for Capitol and I’ve been trying to keep that vision that he and I planned together… brunches, comedy shows, live music, so I want to keep that alive,” she said.

Desiree fixed up the space, but she says it still has the beauty and charm it had before.

There will be places to sing, play games, and watch sports, like karaoke rooms, game rooms, and new TVs. She says that McDowell would have been happy with it.

“I think he would want people to feel welcome and have a good time, energy, good atmosphere,” Guy said.

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