Oregon DHS Searching for Missing Twins Babies From North Portland

The Oregon Department of Human Services says it is looking for twin babies who have gone missing and could be in danger.

Jacob and Jacobi Wade, both 5 months old and their parents, Alexis and William Wade were last seen in North Portland on March 24.

The couple might take the twins out of state. They might go to Washington, D.C., for example.

The Child Welfare Division of DHS thinks the babies may be in danger, so they are looking for the family to see if they are safe.

Oregon DHS Searching for Missing Twins Babies From North Portland

β€œAnyone who suspects they have information about the location of the [twins] or Alexis and William Wade should call 911 or the Oregon Child Abuse Hotline at 1-855-503-SAFE (7233).”

Jacob is a little bit bigger than his brother, Jacobi, who is 7.6 pounds and Jacob is 8 pounds.

Below a Twitter post is given related to this news-

The Oregon DHS has more:

When a child is missing, they may be in serious danger and ODHS may need to find them to check on their safety and help keep them safe.

As ODHS does everything it can to find these missing children and figure out if they are safe, there may be times when it is decided that media alerts are needed. In these situations, a child may go missing more than once, causing the media to send out more than one alert about the same child.

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Call 1-855-503-SAFE to report child abuse to the Oregon Child Abuse Hotline (7233). You can call the Oregon Department of Human Services at this toll-free number 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year to report child abuse or adult abuse.

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4 thoughts on “Oregon DHS Searching for Missing Twins Babies From North Portland”

  1. Parents have the right to take THEIR children wherever they please. IF DHS was so concerned then tell the reasons why…otherwise this article is just a propaganda piece for government powers over family rights.

  2. Parents seem to not have rights to their children these days and it is so disgusting! ODHS wants to check their safety? More like continue their business of legal kidnapping! Whomever decided that ODHS should be given the amount of power they have ought to be shot!
    Just a reminder to all Oregon parents hold your children close because ODHS could swoop in it anytime and rip away your most precious possessions!
    Child Predator Services, destroying families one by one as the days pass!

  3. They’re fine because they are with their parents where they should be. Obviously the parents cared enough to get the hell out of Oregon before Dhs got their corrupt hands on them. Wish I would have made it out of state with mine , but when they take away your way of providing by getting you fired from your nursing job in preparation to kidnap your child …… funding such an escape becomes difficult – and they know this. People need to understand that these amber alerts are only for children kidnapped back by their parents from the state . These alerts are not for real kidnappings. They dont give a crap about those kids. Only the ones in state custody. Abolish DHS/CPS ! And start the lawsuits for the parents and children victimized by this corrupt agency ! They have an agenda ! $$$$ . Follow the money !
    Federal funding!

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