End of an Era: LaMarcus Aldridge Announces Retirement From an Incredible Career

LaMarcus Aldridge said on Friday, 31 March 2023, that he is leaving the NBA for the second time.

Aldridge, 37 at the time, first quit in 2021 after having an irregular heartbeat in the last five games of that season for the Brooklyn Nets. He came back to the Nets five months after saying he was leaving.

As a rookie in 2007, the seven-time All-Star was told he had Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, which can cause a fast heartbeat.

 LaMarcus Aldridge Announces Retirement From an Incredible Career

Even with the diagnosis, Aldridge was one of the best big men of his time. He was picked second out of Texas in the 2006 draft. Over his career, he averaged 19.1 points and 8.1 rebounds.

Aldridge played for the Portland Trailblazers for his first nine seasons. He then played for the San Antonio Spurs for five years and spent a short time with the Nets.

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β€œIn the words of TB12, you only get one big, emotional retirement… so, on that note…I’m thankful for all the memories, family and friends I made throughout my career. It was one hell of a ride and I enjoyed every min!” Aldridge wrote on Twitter.

LaMarcus Aldridge Announces Retirement From an Incredible Career

Gregg Popovich, the coach of the San Antonio Spurs, said of Aldridge when he first retired that he was “the consummate professional with a unique skill set and a deep respect for the game.” Aldridge had been named to the All-NBA team five times.

Source- Oregon Public Broadcasting Department

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