Top 5 Oregon Spring Fishing Hotspots, According To ODFW

PORTLAND, Ore.– If you want to go fishing during spring break or are looking forward to it in the next few weeks, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife can tell you where you might have the best luck.

In its weekly recreation report, which came out on March 30, ODFW said that trout had been put into several ponds, lakes and reservoirs in the northwest, southwest, central, and northeast zones.

Top 5 Oregon Spring Fishing Hotspots, According To ODFW

Anglers will often have luck fishing in rivers with year-round fisheries. These things are:

  1. Deschutes River
  2. Fall River
  3. Metolius River
  4. Crooked River
  5. Blitzen River

The ODFW said that fishing for trout in these rivers will improve now that it’s been warmer.

Check out some related updates given below-

If you want to fish for steelhead, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) says to try the north or central coast, the streams and rivers of the Willamette Valley, or northeast Oregon.

Low tides for the week of April 2 will move to mid-afternoon. ODFW said that this would make it much easier to go bay clamming.

In April, Kokanee salmon fishing will start to pick up. There are Kokanee fishing tips on the ODFW website.

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