Meet Oregon Top Contenders for the 2023 American Crossword Puzzle Tournament

Eight people from Oregon have signed up to participate in the 45th annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, which will be held in Stamford, Connecticut, from March 31 to April 2.

They say they like puzzles that build on themes, make them think forward and backward, and teach them something new.

Here are some Oregonians who are likely to compete in person or online:

Meet Oregon Top Contenders for the 2023 American Crossword Puzzle Tournament

Will Stadtlander, who is 34, first learned about crosswords by watching his grandfather, Howard, do the daily New York Times puzzle.

β€œHis vision was limited and his arthritic hands made writing a challenge, but I would see the completed puzzles left on the kitchen table, letters inked neatly in each square,” says Stadtlander, a data scientist for a healthcare nonprofit. β€œI remember being floored at some of the answers that he, by then in his late 80s, was able to fill in. How does Grampa know what an Atari is?”

Stadtlander is going to the tournament for the first time. He moved to Northeast Portland four years ago. He will be with his brother, Charlie, who lives in Maryland and is competing for the third time.

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According to Will Stadtlander, crosswords allow you to use trivia to learn more trivia. β€œI’ve been solving puzzles for years now,” he says, β€œand I still learn something new almost every time I work on one.”

Source- Oregon Live

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