How Many Beds Does Hillsboro Medical Center Have?

Are you wondering how many patients can be accommodated at Hillsboro Medical Center? If you’ve ever wondered about the capacity of this world-class hospital, you’ve come to the correct spot. In this piece, we’ll look closer at Hillsboro Medical Center’s bed capacity and provide all the details you need.

The hospital’s sleeping capacity will be discussed in detail, from the number of intensive care unit beds to the number of ordinary patient beds. Get ready to learn about the hospital’s sleeping arrangements and other patient treatment facilities.

How Many Beds Does Hillsboro Medical Center Have?

A major hospital serving the Hillsboro, Oregon, community is the Hillsboro Medical Center. This medical center is well recognized as a regional leader due to the high quality of care provided by its highly trained medical professionals and cutting-edge technology. Hillsboro Medical Center has a variety of beds available to satisfy the needs of its patients.

According to the reports from, Hillsboro Medical Center now provides 167 inpatient beds. General patient beds, intensive care unit beds, and pediatric patient beds are just some of the subsets of these beds. 129 available beds are designated as general patient beds for patients who need medical attention but do not have to be admitted to the intensive care unit.

How Many Beds Does Hillsboro Medical Center Have

Furthermore, the intensive care unit (ICU) has 16 beds for patients with serious conditions or injuries. Hillsboro Medical Center also has 22 pediatric beds tailored to the needs of younger patients in addition to the standard beds.

It’s important to remember that Hillsboro Medical Center’s bed capacity shifts in response to fluctuating community demands. Additional beds may be added to the hospital during high-volume times. The hospital’s ability to adapt to changing needs means maintaining its high standard of care even when patient volume spikes.

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Hillsboro Medical Center provides its patients with a wide variety of bed options. This hospital has the resources and trained staff to provide excellent care to needy patients, whether they require routine medical attention or more specialized treatment.

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