Project Turnkey 2.0 Creates Transitional Housing Solutions

Oregon housing officials have announced the next round of funding for the state’s plan to turn hotels into living spaces for the homeless.

The hotels in this “Project Turnkey” round are in Astoria, Salem, and The Dalles. They will get a total of $10,6 million. Each site will focus on helping the most vulnerable people in the community.

Turnkey 2.0 That Creates Transitional Housing Solutions

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Megan Loeb, a senior program officer with the Oregon Community Foundation, said that this type of housing not only gives the state more space but also does so in a dignified way.

β€œPeople can bring their pets and their loved ones,” Loeb said. “They have a door that locks so they can keep their belongings safe. And most of all, they are not traumatized through the process.”

Oregon Housing and Community Services and OCF are working together to finish the project.

“These transitional homes show what can be done when everyone works together “said agency spokesperson Delia Hernandez. “This is what progress that will last looks like.”

Oregon hopes to buy at least 10 more properties across the state through Project Turnkey 2.0. In April, the state will announce a new set of sites.


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1 thought on “Project Turnkey 2.0 Creates Transitional Housing Solutions”

  1. So your creating Drug Dens, places where strung out drug users can go to so they can use drugs. I’m a resident of Portland and it’s disgusting what direction your so called β€œHousing Crisis” is being lead to. IT IS BEING DONE WRONG. These people will not have to pay their rent, electricity, maintenance, security, medical.
    Then the problem gets worse, the money Oregon is spending on this is destroying Oregon.
    Spend the money cleaning up the city, painting over the graffiti everywhere that it’s distracting. Have some balls and do what’s right rather than conform to the homelessness and stop giving crack pipes, syringes to the drug users. HIRE POLICE OFFICERS.

    Just stop wrecking Oregon and it’s cities.

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