Introducing Google Bard: The Future of AI Chatbot Technology

Google announced on Tuesday that it would open everyone’s access to its artificially intelligent chatbot “Bard,” which it is developing in response to Microsoft’s head start in a crucial technological arena.

In the next stage of Bard, Google will start a waitlist for an AI tool similar to the ChatGPT technology that Microsoft started using in its Bing search engine last month to a lot of fanfare. And last week, Microsoft added a new feature called “Copilot” that uses AI to improve its word processing, spreadsheet, and slide presentation programs.

Only a small group of “trusted testers” that Google chose could use Bard. Alphabet Inc. owns the Mountain View, California, company that makes Bard, but it won’t say how many people will be able to use it in the next step of its development. Before Google offers Bard in more countries, applicants will only be able to come from the United States and the United Kingdom at first.

Google posted a tweet regarding the launch of AI Bard, which is given below-

In part, Google is careful with how it releases its AI tools because it has more to lose if the technology gives wrong information or leads people down dark hallways. That’s because Google’s search engine has become the default way for billions of people to access the internet. If the technology acts up, Google could face a considerable backlash that could hurt its reputation and ad-based business.

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Despite the technology’s pitfalls, Bard still offers “incredible benefits” such as “jumpstarting human productivity, creativity, and curiosity,” Google said in a blog post that two of its vice presidents — Sissie Hsiao and Eli Collins — wrote with assistance from Bard.

Google BARD

As a safety measure, Google limits how much Bard can interact with its users. Microsoft did the same thing with ChatGPT after the media reported that the technology compared an Associated Press reporter to Hitler and tried to convince a New York Times reporter to leave his wife.

Google also gives access to Bard through a site separate from its search engine, which is the basis for the digital ads that bring in most of its money. Google is adding a query box to its search engine to make it easier for users to check if the information Bard shows them is accurate. This is a nod to the fact that Bard may be prone to telling lies, which people in the tech world call “hallucinations.”

Bard made an embarrassing mistake soon after Google showed off the tool. He gave a wrong answer about a scientific milestone during a presentation meant to show how innovative technology could be.

Alphabet’s stock dropped almost 8% in a single day because of the mistake. This wiped out about $100 billion in shareholder wealth and showed how closely investors watch how Google handles the move to artificial intelligence (AI).

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