What Is Hillsboro Zip Code? Guide To Find Correct Zip Code!

Hillsboro is a city located in the state of Oregon in the United States, and it has multiple zip codes depending on the specific area in the town. Here are the most commonly used zip codes for Hillsboro:

  • 97003
  • 97006
  • 97007
  • 97078
  • 97123
  • 97124
  • 97129

You can use either of these zip codes when sending mail or packages to Hillsboro, Oregon.

How To Find The Correct Zip Code For Hillsboro?

What is Hillsboro zip code?

To find the correct zip code for Hillsboro, you can use the USPS website or any other zip code lookup tool. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Visit the USPS website at www.usps.com.

Step 2: Click on the “Quick Tools” dropdown menu on the top right corner of the page and select “Look Up a ZIP Code.”

Step 3: Enter the address or location you want to find the zip code in the provided search bar. You can enter a full street address, city, or state for accurate results.

Step 4: Search “Find” for the zip code.

Step 5: The USPS website will display the correct zip code for the location you entered. You can also see a map of the area covered by the zip code and additional information such as delivery times and post office hours.

Alternatively, you can use other online zip code lookup tools such as Zip-Codes.com or ZipAtlas.com. These websites offer similar services as the USPS website and can help you find the correct zip code for any location in the United States.

In conclusion, Hillsboro, Oregon’s zip codes are 97123 and 97124. These zip codes help ensure that mail and packages are delivered efficiently to their intended recipients in the city.

You can use the USPS website or other online zip code lookup tools to find the correct zip code for any location in Hillsboro or anywhere else in the United States.

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