Oregon DEQ Clean Vehicle Rebate Program To Be Temporarily Suspended on 1 May

PORTLAND, Ore.- The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality said on Wednesday, March 15, 2023, that the program would have to end on May 1 because all the money will have been spent by spring 2023.

If a person buys or leases an electric vehicle, they could get a rebate of up to $7,500. The Vehicle Privilege Tax pays for the program every year. The budget is $17.5 million, but DEQ says they expect to run out of money because so many people are taking advantage of the rebates.

Oregon DEQ Clean Vehicle Rebate Program To Be Temporarily Suspended on 1 May

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Arnab Mitra bought his electric car in October. He says the rebate wasn’t the main reason, but it was a plus.

β€œOur family was certainly trying to be more mindful about impacts of our car and driving on climate” says Mitra. β€œIt was certainly nice.

I think with the cost of car purchasing these days in general be much higher it certainly was a nice benefit at the time of purchase.”

Source- oregon.gov

You can still get the rebate if you buy or lease an electric car before May 1. After April 30, you won’t get the refund, but you may still get a federal tax credit.

@OEVAorg Posted a tweet from their official account, Which is given below

Because gas prices were so high last year, sales of electric cars at EV Rides Dealership in Portland went through the roof. Sales started to go down in November, and now that the rebate has been stopped, that could slow sales even more.

The owner is worried about how this will affect his business.

β€œEight out of 10 cars that we sell, most people apply to that so and most people get it, So it’s not good,” says Guillermo Sintora, Co-Owner.

β€œWhen we started the business there was no rebates and we started when the pandemic started. I’d say yes but I don’t know how bad It’s gonna be.

DEQ says that they think the program will return in March 2024.

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