California Hiker Dies After Sliding 20 Feet Down Oregon Bluff And Being Dragged Into The Ocean

Over the weekend, authorities in Oregon located the body of a 25-year-old California man who had fallen from a rocky bluff and been carried into the water.

On a hike in the Cape Kiwanda State Natural Reserve, Henry Minh Hoang, of West Covina, California, tripped and fell roughly 20 feet to the water’s edge, according to a news release from the Oregon State Police.

State police reported that the victim was struck unconscious from the fall and was dragged into the water by the waves. Because “witnesses lost sight of the victim,” the rescue mission has likely evolved into a recovery mission.

CNN tweets about California man’s death in Oregon

On Saturday, state police officers arrived to aid in the ongoing hunt for the missing guy. State police said the search and rescue operation was put on hold until Sunday, when it could be resumed safely.

According to authorities, Hoang’s body was brought to a local funeral home after being discovered on the beach at the base of a neighboring cliff late on Sunday afternoon.

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Cape Kiwanda, an Oregon sandstone headland in the Cape Kiwanda State Natural Reserve, is a popular tourist destination for its breathtaking ocean vistas. Officials from Oregon State Parks warn on their website that people have died after climbing over the safety barriers despite repeated warnings that the cliff edge could collapse at any time.

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