Top Democrat Cautions Against Greater Idaho Plan To Take Rural Oregon Counties

Idaho’s top Democrat in the state Senate has said that a movement to have rural eastern Oregon divorce from the liberal state and join more conservative Idaho had “almost no chance” of succeeding.

“I’m delighted this proposal has practically no chance of advancing into reality,” β€˜Greater Idaho’ movement to absorb rural Oregon county is β€˜bad for the country,’ D told Fox News Digital. I’m afraid I must disagree with it on every level because it would be detrimental to the country and the people involved.

Wintrow was alluding to a resolution currently making its way through the Idaho Legislature that would not physically relocate the Idaho-Oregon border but would instead initiate formal discussions between the legislatures of both states over a potential boundary line realignment.

The bill was approved by the Idaho House of Representatives last month and is now in the hands of the Idaho Senate. The bill’s chances of passing the Idaho Senate are uncertain, although Republicans control both houses of the legislature in the state.

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The Movement For A Greater Idaho To Absorb Conservative Rural Counties From Liberal Oregon Gains Steam

Greater Idaho advocates want to add around 13 counties (63% of Oregon’s landmass and 9% of its population) to Idaho, and the resolution’s backers are on board with this idea.

Supporters of the plan say it’s about being fairly represented in state government, holding on to traditional values, and protecting a particular way of life.

“I support the Greater Idaho proposal,”

Idaho Rep. Judy Boyle, R, told Fox News Digital. “The majority of my life has been spent near Oregon, and as a result, I count many acquaintances in eastern Oregon as friends.

They feel their ideals and interests are being ignored by the liberals who control the state from the I-5 corridor in western Oregon. As a last resort, they are now polling voters in individual counties to see if they support joining Idaho. Eleven counties have so far given their enthusiastic approval.”

As evidence, ‘Greater Idaho’ movement to absorb rural Oregon counties ‘bad for the country’ have voted in favor of ballot proposals to examine the possibility and that, according to some polling, a majority of Idahoans support increasing the state’s boundary.

Meanwhile, surveys conducted in the Beaver State have found nearly even levels of favor and opposition, with around 20% of residents still on the fence.

The website for Focus Hillsboro, Oregon, is currently live at

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