IRS Will Begin Processing Tax Returns In Oregon On January 23

Tax Returns In Oregon: On Monday, January 23, the Internal Revenue Service and the Oregon Department of Revenue will both begin processing federal and state income tax returns for the year 2022. Some taxpayers may have submitted their taxes before the tax season begins, but processing will not begin until then.

Any requests for refunds will be handled in the order in which they were received. Like previous years, though, the government will wait until February 15 to begin providing refunds for individual income taxes.

IRS Will Begin Processing Tax Returns In Oregon On January 23

As part of its attempts to combat tax fraud, the IRS sometimes places a temporary hold on a taxpayer’s refund until it can verify that the numbers reported on a return are consistent with those reported by an employer on a W-2 or 1099. Where’s My Refund? Revenue Online will show filers the status of their refund once the department begins processing returns.

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Tax returns submitted electronically typically result in the quickest refunds. Taxpayers who e-file and choose direct deposit often get their money back sooner than those who file paper returns and choose paper refund checks.

The IRS reminds filers that simple actions taken in the next weeks will make working on their 2022 tax return a breeze in the following year.

IRS Will Begin Processing Tax Returns In Oregon On January 23
IRS Will Begin Processing Tax Returns In Oregon On January 23

Free And Reduced-Cost Filing Options

Taxpayers who satisfy the requirements can make use of a number of free or low-cost services to prepare their federal and Oregon tax returns.

AARP and CASH Oregon offer free tax preparation assistance to those with low to moderate incomes. The MyFreeTaxes service provided by United Way is another option for those in need of tax preparation assistance. If you need help filing your taxes for free, visit the Department of Revenue’s website to take advantage of their available software, free deals, and other resources.

Documents And Copies of Prior Tax Returns

Through their Revenue Online account, taxpayers can request copies of previous tax returns, letters, or other communication dating back to 2015 and up to the present day. They can also call 800-356-4222 to place an order and make a payment for these or older documents.

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Oregon residents may get a copy of the booklet they need to file their individual income tax returns by visiting A hard copy can be ordered by sending a request to the address below, calling 503-378-4988 or 800-356-4222, or placing an order online.

Oregon Department of Revenue
PO Box 14999
Salem, OR 97309-0990

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