Kotek Outlines Drug Policy Aims While Commission Awaits New Chief

Kotek Outlines Drug Policy: Oregon’s panel to address the state’s significant addiction problem has been operating without a designated chairperson. Members of the Alcohol and Drug Policy Commission, led by interim director Jill Gray, continue to make progress on their agenda items. The commission is actively pursuing answers by setting a number of substance abuse prevention targets for the coming year.

Kotek Outlines Drug Policy Aims While Commission Awaits New Chief

“Bringing the number of avoidable fatalities down, boosting investments in the labour force, and stopping the flow of homeless people into prison or the emergency room are all worthy goals. Those are a perfect match for our major preventative targets “When questioned about what should come first, Gray answered.

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Our state has made decreasing the prevalence of drug abuse disorders one of its priorities. As a result, we need to allocate more funds and manpower to primary prevention. That is to say, any measure taken with the intention of preventing a person from ever being unwell in the first place is considered preventative medicine.
The commission’s full-time job is to do just that. However, there is no permanent management in place.

After Dr Reginald Richardson pled guilty in October 2022 to a minor assault charge, Governor Kate Brown fired him as executive director of the commission in December.

Kotek Outlines Drug Policy Aims While Commission Awaits New Chief
Kotek Outlines Drug Policy Aims While Commission Awaits New Chief

At the time this article was published, the commission’s website still introduced Richardson as its executive director.

The office of Governor Brown informed the Statesman Journal on December 15 that he had been terminated from public service as of that day.

According to the Salem Reporter, Richardson pled guilty to abusing a young child in January 2022 at the Salem after-school programme he managed on the side. The victim was just eight years old.

Gray confirmed Richardson’s dismissal as executive director and stated that she did not wish to take on the position full-time.

Gray Statement

Gray said that the incoming governor of Oregon, Tina Kotek, will be responsible for hiring the commission’s executive director. She also noted that the interaction between her and Governor Kotek is far more positive than it was with Governor Brown, and this was after only a week in office.

Compared to the former governor’s office, “I would say that we have better communication with Governor Kotek and her staff in that we have already talked to her team a couple of times,” Gray said. “The governor now in office just has a totally different set of priorities. She has decided on the three most important goals she wishes to achieve. One of these is substance abuse.”

Kotek laid out her lofty agenda in her first press conference as governor on Tuesday.

“Housing and homelessness, behavioural health – both mental health and addiction, and making sure our children have what they need in our schools,” Kotek added, outlining the administration’s early budget goals.

Gray stated that Kotek’s 2020-2025 Oregon Statewide Strategic Plan aims are congruent with those of the commission.

This is going to be a challenging endeavour.

Gray outlined the commissions and the continuum of care’s shared goal of expanding access to treatment options. The criminal justice system and court-ordered rehabilitation programmes have had a role in this in the past.

Due to Measure 110, some drug offenders in Oregon now have access to other programmes. In 2020, voters in Oregon easily approved a bill that makes it legal for anyone to be in possession of small amounts of illegal narcotics.

In September 2022, researchers reported finding a 49 per cent shortage in assistance for those with drug use disorders. That percentage shows the disparity between what’s available and what the state needs to appropriately handle the current problem of suffering Oregonians.

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“That’s a typical case for crisis intervention services. Their importance exceeds the resources we now have to meet it “Gray said,” the station reports.

For a brand-new governor and commission formed to address the issue, this is a familiar tale as well.

“Can we link individuals up with services when they’re ready to use them? What kind of personnel is available to assist them?” To quote Kotek:

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