Oregon Travel Guide Is Developed In Partnership With The Tribes

Oregon Travel Guide: New Year’s resolutions to get in shape and eat better are perennial traditions. But why not try thinking outside the box? What about spending more time in nature, going on adventures throughout the state, or studying the customs of people who live in other parts of the world?

Oregon Travel Guide Is Developed In Partnership With The Tribes

With the release of a new travel guide, Travel Oregon and the nine federally recognized tribes in the state are making it simpler for tourists to do exactly that.

“To tell you the truth, very little of what you studied about American Indians in school is true or full. We hope to provide people with a more comprehensive understanding of our past and present “according to Bobbie Conner, director of the Tamastslikt Cultural Institute.

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The ‘Guide to Oregon Indian Country’ was written in collaboration with Travel Oregon and the state’s nine federally recognized tribes.

Conner explained that the tribe’s recovery from economic suffering spanning over 150 years is aided by the patronage of tourists who spend money at the museum, the Wildhorse Resort, and Hamley [Steakhouse and Saloon] in Pendleton.

Oregon Travel Guide Is Developed In Partnership With The Tribes
Oregon Travel Guide Is Developed In Partnership With The Tribes

She explained that because tribes do not have a tax base, they need the extra money to run government and social services. The magazine is a tool for promoting travel to Oregon’s indigenous communities and is released both digitally and in print. It has attractions all around the state.

Umpqua Indian Development Corporation COO Travis hill stated, “You run everything from the southern region, coastal regions, east-central Oregon, and then over to eastern Oregon as well.” From what he’s heard, life in a tribal community is full of exciting opportunities.

“Resorts are available. All the things you’re hoping to find at your planned vacation spots may be found here: fantastic dining options, luxurious lodgings, rejuvenating spas, and challenging golf courses “- Hill said.

Learning about the land, history, and culture of indigenous people is just as vital as providing economic assistance for tribal communities.

In a way, they’ve been here forever,” Hill remarked.

Conner said that learning about indigenous peoples through travel helped improve understanding.

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“We’re excited that this partnership with Travel Oregon may help us not only boost visitation to the homelands of tribal people in Oregon, but it may help people understand better the issues and challenges we face, and it may help our neighbors understand that we want to work with them collaboratively to solve the problems facing the planet,” Conner said.

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