Highway In Oregon Collapses Due To A Large Landslide, Generating A 12-foot Plunge

Large Landslide: An enormous landslide forced a portion of a highway in Oregon to collapse and drop as much as 12 feet in certain sections, according to the officials in charge of transportation. According to a news release issued by the Oregon Department of Transportation on January 9, the roadway on which U.S. Highway 101 is located began to show signs of cracking on January 2, approximately 12 miles south of Port Orford.

Highway In Oregon Collapses Due To A Large Landslide

The fractures were mended by work teams; but, after four days, a sunken hole formed on the northbound lanes, which resulted in the closure of a lane, according to the officials. After another portion of the road sank almost 5 feet at 3 a.m. on Monday, January 9, officials claimed the route had to be shut down for safety reasons.

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The roads continued to subside in several areas. A section of the road spanning 200 yards had some spots that plummeted down to a depth of 12 feet. Since then, authorities have decided to block the roadway, but they do not yet have a time estimate for when it will be safe to reopen it.

According to the officials, the roadway is blocked to emergency vehicles, and there is no other route that can be used along this stretch of the highway. According to the Oregon authorities, “active landslides” are rather regular in this region, and the one in question is referred to as the “Arizona Slide.” The last significant landslide occurred in 1993, and as a result, the roadway was shut down for the better part of a week.

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