Reveal The Identity Of The Purchaser Of The Goonies House On The Oregon Coast

Goonies House: When he moves into the famous white Victorian on a hill in Astoria, Oregon, where the 1985 cult classic movie was shot, a superfan of “The Goonies” will undoubtedly do the Truffle Shuffle. “Serial entrepreneur” Behman Zakeri bought the mansion for a little over $1.65 million and said it was the realization of a lifelong goal. He identified himself as a “Goonie” and stated that protecting the house was his top responsibility.

Reveal The Identity Of The Purchaser Of The “Goonies” House On The Oregon Coast

Zakeri explained his purchase by saying, “I’m purchasing it for the community.” “Someone has to be the custodian, someone has to keep the monument in pristine condition. Someone has to be the one to maintain the status quo of innovation without getting demoted.”

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Mikey Walsh (Sean Astin) from “The Goonies” inhabited the residence. In the film directed by Richard Donner, Walsh and his fellow Goonies discover a treasure map in the attic and set out on a treasure hunt through a tunnel in the basement of the home, all the while dodging a deadly bunch of crooks who want the wealth for themselves. Spielberg’s original screenplay served as the inspiration for the movie.

Reveal The Identity Of The Purchaser Of The Goonies House On The Oregon Coast
Reveal The Identity Of The Purchaser Of The Goonies House On The Oregon Coast

I told the agency that if I had to compete with Steven Spielberg or Sean Astin, I wouldn’t last five minutes. That’s what Zakeri stated.

Over the years, moviegoers have flocked to the house, which is located in a quiet area in Astoria, Oregon, a port city on the coast. The new owner wants to make sure that visitors can still get in.

Zakeri encouraged the Goonies to come to hang around. Since he was previously a fan, he said he doesn’t mind if people take pictures on the property as long as they don’t disrupt the peace of the area.

The former owner had some uncomfortable moments while discussing the house’s popularity among tourists. When as many as 1,500 people a day started showing up to the house to celebrate the film’s 30th anniversary, the owner temporarily covered it in tarps and put up “no trespassing” posters to keep guests out. The house was reopened to the public at a later date. Because of the high volume of visitors, the city of Astoria has instituted stiff fines for parking in restricted zones.

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Zakeri does not intend to make Kansas City (where she now resides) her permanent residence.

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