Oregon Interfaith Organization Wants 114 Gun Laws to be Fully Implemented

114 Gun Laws: The religious coalition that drafted and pushed for Oregon’s new gun rules is working to build support for passing them into law.

In November, voters approved Measure 114 by a razor-thin margin. Magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds are prohibited. A valid firearms purchase license is required. And a check of the buyer’s and seller’s backgrounds is necessary before any firearm may be transferred.

Oregon Interfaith Organization Wants 114 Gun Laws to be Fully Implemented

However, a judge in Harney County has issued a preliminary injunction that prevents Measure 114 from taking effect. There are now four federal cases pending that challenge the new legislation.

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Rev. Mark Knutson of Portland’s Augustana Lutheran Church, a leading petitioner for Measure 114, addressed a pre-legislative press conference on Wednesday and said he is not concerned about legal challenges to the measure.

To paraphrase, “We know the courts are going to carry this through,” he remarked. In that procedure, we have complete faith. Boldness on the part of the Legislature is required to ensure that the will of the people is reflected in law. “Because the devil is in the details”

Oregon Interfaith Organization Wants 114 Gun Laws to be Fully Implemented
Oregon Interfaith Organization Wants 114 Gun Laws to be Fully Implemented

Getting lawmakers to properly fund the new permission-to-purchase system is a top priority, according to Knutson.

To prove to the rest of the country that this is possible, he added, “we are poised and ready to support the Legislature and the state police and anybody who want to see this executed fairly and justly.”

The absence of the original bill to provide a source of finance for the new permission system has been a central point of opposition. The Secretary of State’s office requested cost estimates from the state police but eventually found that it was impossible to know for sure how much money would be saved due to a decrease in gun violence vs how much money would be spent to put the new laws into effect.

Harney County has not yet set a formal hearing to determine whether or not the new restrictions are in accordance with the state constitution. The state of Oregon’s Department of Justice has already requested a review by the state’s highest court of the judge’s findings in the case to this point.

Measure 114’s proponents want the rest of the country to follow Oregon’s lead. A military-style weapons prohibition in Illinois and a large capacity magazine ban in Rhode Island were cited by the chief petitioner, Marilyn Keller, as examples of the viability of such legislation.

Jay Inslee, governor of Washington, has backed legislation to make it mandatory to get a permit before buying a firearm and to make gun dealers possibly accountable for negligent sales, as well as a ban on military-style weapons.

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“We are all too aware that maintaining the current status quo would lead to more lives being lost. Rabbi Michael Cahana lamented this at a news conference held at Augustana Lutheran Church in Portland.

Time and time again, “enough is enough” has been echoed.

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