Oregon Politics: Greg Smith Believes The 2023 Legislature Presents A Chance For Change

Greg Smith: The beginning of the 2023 legislative session, according to Heppner, Oregon, Republican Rep. Greg Smith, signifies a generational shift in Oregon politics.

The longest-serving House speaker, Democrat Tina Kotek, is currently the governor of Oregon, while the longest-serving Senate president, Democrat Peter Courtney of Salem, is retired. According to Smith, this presents possibilities for legislators to strive to cooperate and pursue beneficial agendas.

Greg Smith Believes The 2023 Legislature Presents A Chance For Change

To that purpose, Smith claimed he introduced a motion on the first day of the session on Monday, Jan. 9, that the House hasn’t considered since 2005. He said, “Today we genuinely passed a vote of acclamation. “It was approved by all 60 members.”

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Rep. Paul Holvey, D-Eugene, and Dan Rayfield, D-Corvallis, the incoming House speaker, were proposed for a vote of acclamation, according to Smith.

“I believe it conveys to Oregonians the desire of the Legislature to collaborate for the advancement of both rural and urban Oregon. This is only a minor sign that we are confident in our ability to collaborate as we begin the session.

Greg Smith Believes The 2023 Legislature Presents A Chance For Change
Greg Smith Believes The 2023 Legislature Presents A Chance For Change

Smith was tasked with making the opening comments since he has been a member of the House the longest. He said that the core of his teaching was to “raise where you stand.”

We can do some very hefty things, he remarked, “if we can raise where we stand.”

Since so much of policy is decided by the Joint Committee on Ways & Means, which Smith serves on as co-vice chair, Smith stated that he will continue to concentrate on the budget as normal.

The Ways & Means Subcommittee on General Government is co-chaired by Smith as well. Although it may not be the most well-known committee, he said that because it is in charge of the budgets for the governor’s office, the House, and the Senate, the general government committee is still active when all the policy committees are winding down at the end of May.

Then, he claimed, he is working at the “big kids table” at the conclusion of the session.

Smith Proposes Use For The Kicker

Smith also outlined a couple of the measures he is putting forth for consideration, including one that would increase funding for state fairs. I genuinely think that county fairs are a part of our history and tradition, therefore I’m striving to make sure that they receive proper, long-term support, he added.

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He has nine proposal draughts. The titles of the more than 2,000 bills that had been profiled to be formally presented were read aloud in the House.

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