State Gives Coastal Communities With Additional Sea Level Rise Planning Materials

Sea Level Rise Planning: According to the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development, rising sea levels caused by climate change are having an impact on the state’s beaches and coastal communities (ODLC).

State Gives Coastal Communities With Additional Sea Level Rise Planning Materials

King tides are a warning sign of how sea level rise will exacerbate erosion and flooding in coastal areas and place a further strain on already stressed ecosystems and freshwater supplies. The Oregon Coastal Management Program (OCMP) has led a community science initiative documenting Oregon’s king tides and developed tools to help communities prepare for their effects.

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Local governments and communities can use the following three tools from the sea level rise adaptation planning toolkit to evaluate and address the effects of sea level rise:

All of Oregon’s coastal zones are included in Sea Level Rise Impact Explorer, an online, interactive planning tool. Using this tool, you can see which coastal locations are expected to be affected by sea level rise in the next 30-50 years. If a place is included in the SLR planning area, it may be permanently flooded or subject to recurring high-tide flooding, storm surge, or erosion.

State Gives Coastal Communities With Additional Sea Level Rise Planning Materials
State Gives Coastal Communities With Additional Sea Level Rise Planning Materials

The purpose of the digital workbook known as the Sea Level Rise Impact Assessment Tool is to aid users in taking stock of the activities that take place in areas threatened by rising sea levels, determining their level of vulnerability to harm, and prioritizing the pursuit of remedial and adaptive measures. The completed workbook can be used as a risk assessment for any given country or company.

This document, titled Sea Level Rise Planning Guide for Coastal Oregon, proposes a methodology for assessing the vulnerability of coastal Oregon’s assets to the effects of rising sea levels. It provides suggested ways for coping with those effects within Oregon’s existing regulatory framework.

This book is the go-to resource for reliable data on the implications of sea level rise. Its goal is to provide a framework for municipal planning, capital upgrades, and development decisions along Oregon’s coast in a way that strengthens community resilience and ensures efficient coastal management.

Volunteers are requested from all along the Oregon coast to capture photos of this winter’s king tide events in order to document the highest tides of the year and contribute to the library of images that helps us envision a future with sea level rise.

These high tide events will provide communities along the Oregon coast with a sneak peek at the effects of sea level rise on these dates in 2022 (November 24-26), 2022 (December 22-24), and 2023 (January 20-22). The King Tides project collected data and images for thirteen years, which the OCMP used to develop adaptation tools for rising sea levels.

Events discussing how to join in on this community science project and current climate change research will be held throughout the winter by the Oregon King Tides program. Visit the King Tides website to learn more about how you can participate and submit photographs.

While Oregon’s coastal areas, and especially the central coast, are seeing sea level rise annually, the rate is slower than in other regions of the country. More flooding of coastal areas is expected in the future as the tides rise. Members of the OCMP are ready to assist communities in applying the planning tools and developing an adaptation strategy.

Stay Safe

If you find yourself on the Oregon Coast, remember to always keep an eye on the water. Do not ever put yourself in harm’s way. During times of extreme high tide, you should take extra precautions due to the dangers posed by the water itself, the erosion of the shoreline, flooded roads, and strong winds.

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The Oregon Coastal Atlas has information on how to prepare for rising sea levels in three different places: Since this is a dynamic subject where new information is constantly being gathered, the OCMP will keep these materials up to date as they become available.

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