More Oregon Families Are Now Eligible For The Affordable Child Care Program

Affordable Child Care Program: Expanded access to low-cost child care through the Employment Related Day Care (ERDC) program has been announced by the Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS) and the Early Learning Division (ELD) of the Department of Education.

More Oregon Families Are Now Eligible For The Affordable Child Care Program

House Bill 3073 of the 2021 Legislative Session, which includes the expansion and also forms the new Department of Early Learning and Care, went into effect on January 1, 2021. (DELC).

According to ODHS Director Fariborz Pakseresht, “the cost of child care can be a barrier for many families to reaching their educational aspirations and entering and staying in the labor.” By increasing participation in the ERDC program, Oregon is better able to help families thrive.

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Since the program’s major overhaul, students in high school, GED programs, or colleges no longer need to work in order to receive childcare aid. In addition, every student will be allotted more time in child care each week to use as study time. Because of the shift in how the ratio between part-time and full-time care is determined, many more families will be able to access childcare services.

More Oregon Families Are Now Eligible For The Affordable Child Care Program
More Oregon Families Are Now Eligible For The Affordable Child Care Program

When DELC is formally founded on July 1, 2023, it will take over the ERDC program from ODHS. Director of the Early Learning System Alyssa Chatterjee expressed her delight at the program’s transformation and the enlargement of its eligible pool.

Alyssa Chatterjee, director of the Early Learning Division at the Oregon Department of Education, is pleased that parents in the state will be able to find inexpensive child care while they continue their education. This, together with the shift to flexible scheduling, is a major improvement for working families thanks to ERDC. I’m excited to have this program join DELC’s other early education and care options.

Additional provisions of the enlargement are as follows:

β€’ All ERDC households can now receive sleep time for night-shift carers.

The ERDC provides benefits to carers who take time from work due to a serious health condition affecting either the caretaker or a child in their care.

While on leave, ERDC participants can still utilize their childcare benefits to pay for care for someone who is not a member of their immediate family.

Seeing as how ERDC underwent some significant modifications as of January 1, ELD made an infographic to explain the benefits to families. You can access it in any of the five related languages below.

Licensed childcare providers who do not take ERDC are being recruited into the program by ODHS and ELD as part of a joint effort to boost provider capacity and so fulfill the rising demand for childcare spots.

Information Regarding Oregon’s Human Services Agency

Protection, empowerment, respect for individual choice, and preservation of individual dignity are all central to the work of the Oregon Department of Human Services, which aims to aid Oregonians in their own communities on their path to greater independence and well-being.

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About Our Early Childhood Education Department

The Early Learning Division (ELD) is a branch of the Department of Education that is in charge of coordinating and improving the provision of early childhood education and care across the country. It oversees the development and execution of Oregon’s childcare initiatives, as well as the management of state and federally-funded early care and education programs. For the betterment of the children and families of Oregon, ELD prioritizes fairness, commitment, honesty, and the pooling of knowledge.

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