Man Turns Eye Into Flashlight: What USA Man Did With His Eye After Losing It To Cancer?

Man Turns Eye Into Flashlight: A 33-year-old American guy came up with an impressive concept. After losing an eye to cancer, Brian Stanley made his own prosthetic eye. His artificial eyeball was converted into a fully functional flashlight by the engineer. The inventor and gadget nerd uploaded a video on Instagram that included his prosthetic eye.

What USA Man Did With His Eye After Losing It To Cancer?

The Titanium Cyborg Eye’s capacity as a headlight is briefly demonstrated in the video. Mr. Stanley said in the video that the “titanium skull light” is ideal for reading at night. He claims that it does not get hot and has a 20-hour battery life.

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On the social media website, the video has garnered a lot of positive feedback. The video has received one million views in only two days. One person remarked, “Now this is just plain wonderful. This gives off serious Mimir from God of War vibes.” One more wrote, “You may act as your own source of illumination. Cons Other people will anticipate that you will enter the ominous woods first.”

The third user said, “Bro can totally rock the terminator this Halloween.” The fourth wrote, “I know everyone is thinking about science fiction, but I’m simply thinking how useful this would be for camping.”

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Mr. Stanley had already made a prosthetic eye with the same glow as Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s character in the movie Terminator, so this is not the first time he has constructed a cyborg’s eye.

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