Oregon County Is No.1 In Cannabis Sales For A Third Consecutive Year In 2022

Cannabis Sales: To put an end to Malheur County’s reign as Oregon’s premier cannabis destination, the state line between Oregon and Idaho might have to be physically moved to the west. Despite a 6.4% decrease in sales, the county on the border was Oregon’s per capita leader in cannabis sales in 2022, making it the country’s third consecutive year at the top of the list.

Oregon County Is No.1 In Cannabis Sales For A Third Consecutive Year In 2022

The gross revenue of $104 million in Malheur County is equivalent to $3,243 for each of the county’s 32,095 citizens. Despite being lower than the $3,477 per capita sales recorded in 2021, this figure was still far more than the $427 recorded in Curry County, which came in second place.

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The use of cannabis for either recreational or medical purposes is not permitted in any of Idaho’s 12 neighboring states. Ten pot vendors in the city of Ontario, which is located in Malheur County and is directly on the border with the state of Idaho, make their living by catering mostly to customers in the Boise metropolitan area.

Overall, cannabis sales in Oregon fell 16% in 2022. Malheur County’s market share increased from 9.2% of statewide sales to 10.5% despite only having a single-digit decline in sales.

In 2022, declining sales were experienced across the entire state in each and every county. The largest decrease was recorded in Wasco County, where it was 35.9%, while Hood River County’s was only 2%.

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Because of this very minor drop, Hood River County was able to move up one spot in the per capita rankings, moving from seventh to fifth. Multnomah County, which had been ranked fifth in 2021, fell to sixth place as a result of sales that decreased from $311 million to $238 million, which translated to a drop from $383 per capita to $294.

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