9 People From Oregon And SW Washington Have Been Charged With Rioting On 6th January

9 People From Oregon: Federal prosecutors are still going through hundreds of files two years after a violent crowd stormed the U.S. Capitol. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, more than 950 persons have been detained in relation to the attack on January 6; nine of them are from Oregon and Southwest Washington.

9 People From Oregon And SW Washington Have Been Charged With Rioting On 6th January

Jeremy Grace and Jeff

Jeff Grace of Battle Ground and his son Jeremy Grace smiling together inside the US Capitol. For his part in the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, Jeremy Grace admitted pleas to a misdemeanor charge in July and was given a sentence of 21 days in jail and supervised release.

Jeff Grace, his father, is awaiting trial in federal court. Grace asked for a new defense attorney in December. After Grace took part in violent altercations with counter-protesters in downtown Portland and proceeded to El Paso, Texas, a federal judge ordered him to surrender his firearms while he was awaiting prosecution. Since then, Grace has expressed his dissatisfaction with the Justice Department in videos broadcast on social media.

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Jonathan Hubbard

In November, Lincoln City resident Jeffrey Hubbard entered a guilty plea to one count of picketing, parading, or protesting in a Capitol Building. On January 6, Hubbard was seen on security footage storming the Capitol. In February, he will be sentenced.

Reed Christensen

The FBI was able to identify a 63-year-old Hillsboro man with the aid of surveillance and body-worn camera footage. After reportedly hitting and assaulting officers, Reed Christensen is accused of taking part in the Capitol takeover and is now facing various charges.

The trial for the former Intel employee and U.S. Army veteran is set for April.

9 People From Oregon And SW Washington Have Been Charged With Rioting On 6th January
9 People From Oregon And SW Washington Have Been Charged With Rioting On 6th January

Matthew and Jonathanpeter Klein

Multiple federal charges are being brought against Matthew and Jonathan Peter Klein, two brothers from Oregon who participated in the uprising. The Kleins were pictured on January 6th inside the Capitol building, according to images given by the Department of Justice. Jonathan Peter Klein, who self-identifies as a member of the far-right Proud Boys, is listed as such in court documents. The Klein brothers entered a plea of innocence. The Klein brothers can now move about Oregon while awaiting trial thanks to a change in a federal judge’s release rules.

Charges are pending against Matthew Klein (left) and Jonathan Peter Klein (right) in relation to the riot at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Lucinda Saer

The FBI’s Portland office got numerous tips during the first few weeks of the uprising stating Lilith Saer had taken part in it. According to court filings, the reports included images and videos from social media purporting to depict Saer inside the Capitol with vivid blue hair and unusual facial piercings. The Portland area’s well-known left-wing activists posted a few of the photographs on Twitter.

On June 24, a federal judge filed a criminal case against Saer accusing her of unruly or disruptive behavior inside the Capitol building and entering a restricted building with the aim to interrupt an official activity. Both are low-level offenses. Safer is still awaiting trial after being arrested on July 7.

Richard Harris

Images from recordings and social media were also used by federal prosecutors to support their case against Richard Harris. He is being prosecuted on a number of insurrection-related offenses, including assaulting an officer. While awaiting trial, the former Amazon employee consented to reside at his father’s house in Happy Valley.

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Marc Bru

The FBI was informed about Marc Bru of Vancouver by Marc Bru Tipsters. He is charged with breaking into the US Capitol. The Washington man was seen in court documents slipping past security and into the Senate Gallery. The trial for Bru is set to begin in April.

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