More Oregon Families Are Now Eligible For A Child Care Subsidy Program

Child Care Subsidy Program: The Employment Related Day Care program has now been made more accessible by the Oregon Department of Human Services and the Early Learning Division of the Department of Education.

More Oregon Families Are Now Eligible For A Child Care Subsidy Program

House Bill 3073 of the 2021 Legislative Session, which includes the expansion and also forms the new Department of Early Learning and Care, went into effect on January 1, 2021. (DELC).

According to Fariborz Pakseresht, director of ODHS, “the expense of child care can be a barrier for many families to reaching their educational aspirations and entering and remaining in the labor.” To better help families, Oregon is increasing opportunities to participate in the ERDC program.

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Childcare aid is now available to high school, GED, and college students without the need that them find employment. In addition, every student will be allotted more time in childcare each week to use as study time. Additionally, because of the shift in how partial and full-time coverage are determined, many families will be eligible for greater childcare hours.

When DELC is formally founded on July 1, 2023, it will take over the ERDC program from ODHS. Alyssa Chatterjee, director of the Early Learning System, expressed her enthusiasm at the program’s transfer and the enlargement of its qualifying pool.

More Oregon Families Are Now Eligible For A Child Care Subsidy Program
More Oregon Families Are Now Eligible For A Child Care Subsidy Program

As ELD Director Alyssa Chatterjee put it, “Continuing one’s education is a full-time job,” and she is “happy that individuals pursuing education in Oregon will have access to affordable child care.” This, together with the shift to flexible scheduling, is a major improvement for working families thanks to ERDC. I am excited for the program to become a part of DELC and our other early learning and child care services.

In addition to these new features, the expansion also includes:

When a parent or guardian works the night shift, all ERDC families can now get paid time off to sleep. Benefits from the ERDC are available to carers who need time off to care for a family member’s or their own health.

While on leave, ERDC members who provide care for someone outside of their family can continue to use their childcare benefits. In order to illustrate how the new ERDC rules would benefit families, ELD made this infographic. It’s linked down below and it’s accessible in five different tongues!

Licensed childcare providers that do not take ERDC are being recruited into the program by ODHS and ELD as part of a joint effort to boost provider capacity and so fulfill the rising demand for childcare spots.

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What You Need to Know About Oregon’s Human Services Agency

To safeguard, empower, respect choice, and maintain the dignity of Oregonians in their own communities so that they may realize their potential for welfare and independence is the purpose of the Oregon Department of Human Services.

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