Oregon Has The Highest Voting Turnout Nationwide

Voting Turnout Nationwide: It turns out that in the national election of 2022, Oregonians had one of the highest voter turnout rates of any state.

Oregon Has The Highest Voting Turnout Nationwide

The official election results for the 2022 general election in Oregon were just issued by the Secretary of State. Preliminary figures from the United States Elections Project suggest that this may be the greatest voter turnout of any state in the United States. With 61.5% of eligible voters casting ballots, Maine now has the second-highest voter turnout of any state.

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Speaking for the Oregon Secretary of State, Ben Morris us that turnout was projected to be lower than in the general 2020 election. This includes the presidential election. However, Oregon’s participation percentage remained very high even without the presidential election.

Morris attributed this to the state’s long history of civic involvement and the state’s “strong, pro-democracy measures,” such as vote by mail and automatic voter registration. Voter participation in our state consistently outpaces that of other states.

Oregon Has The Highest Voting Turnout Nationwide
Oregon Has The Highest Voting Turnout Nationwide

Wheeler County, Oregon, had the greatest voter turnout of any county in the state at more than 78%. Benton County, Washington, had the second-highest turnout rate, with more than 75% of eligible voters casting ballots. Voter participation in Grant County was above 74%, placing it in third place.

As a percentage of eligible voters, Oregonians cast their ballots at a rate of less than 53% in Umatilla and Malheur counties. According to Umatilla County Board of Commissioners Chair John Shafer, poor voter participation may be due to residents in the county believing their ballots aren’t being taken seriously.

The only thing I’ve heard from voters, Shafer said, is that many of them don’t vote because they feel their vote doesn’t matter. They believe they are at the mercy of voters in the state’s major cities. Since many voters in this section of the state don’t bother to fill out and return a ballot, I warn them that they are completely at the mercy of voters in the urban area of the state.

Officials in Umatilla County, Shafer said, are collaborating with researchers at Eastern Oregon University to find solutions to the county’s low voter turnout rates.

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It’s unfortunate that Umatilla County consistently ranks last or near last in voter turnout, he added. To that end, we are in negotiations with Eastern Oregon University to have a politically-inclined intern come work with our County Clerk.

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