Oregon Lady Is Featured By A Local Filmmaker

Local Filmmaker: The incredible life story of Charity Woodrum, a young lady from a remote area in Oregon who overcame tragedy in order to pursue a career in astrophysics, is the subject of a recently released documentary film titled “Space, Hope, and Charity.”

Oregon Lady Is Featured By A Local Filmmaker

Woodrum spent her childhood in Canyonville, a town in Utah, where she had aspirations of working for NASA one day despite the fact that she had never met a scientist. Woodrum made the decision to pursue her interest in physics and went back to school when she was 28 years old, married, and nine months pregnant with her first child.

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At that time, things were going quite well for Woodrum at the University of Oregon. By the time she was a junior, she had successfully completed an internship with NASA, her family was content, and everything appeared to be going according to plan. Then, there was the day that she simply refers to as “The Worst Day.” The 15th of January in 2017.

A sneaker wave slammed Woodrum, her husband Jayson Thomas, 37, and their son Woody Thomas, 3, while they were strolling along in the sunshine at Boice-Cope State Beach in Oregon. The charity was the only one that made it out alive.

Oregon Lady Is Featured By A Local Filmmaker
Oregon Lady Is Featured By A Local Filmmaker

Woodrum received assistance in regaining control of her life from a variety of people, including longtime friends and acquaintances as well as complete strangers. Currently, she is a student at the University of Arizona, where she studies astrophysics and works as a member of the NIRCam Team for the James Webb Space Telescope.

According to Woodrum, “Astrophysics is what saved my life.” Even though this isn’t the life I imagined living because Jayson and Woody aren’t with me, I’m still trying to find meaning in my life by working toward the objectives I’ve set for myself and spending quality time with the people and communities I care about.

Woodrum has established “Woody’s Stars,” a fund in the Oregon Community Foundation in the name of her son that will offer financial assistance and mentorship to college students who are interested in fields related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The Roundhouse Foundation is a supporter of the film.

“I can’t think of a greater way to commemorate Woody than to help people achieve their ambitions,” she added. “It would mean the world to me.” He had a kind heart and was always giving to others; his parents must be very pleased.

Sandy Cummings is the film’s director, and she also produced it. The movie is now being entered into competition at film festivals all throughout the United States, and it will be shown at the conference of the American Astronomical Society in Seattle on Monday, January 9.

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“The movie is about a hero’s journey, showcasing the power of human connection in the process of generating resilience and altering lives,” “Cummings remarked. “Charity made the conscious decision to expose her most private struggles in the hopes of igniting a spark of optimism in the lives of others.

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