According To Study, Oregon Had The Second Highest Inward Migration In 2022

Inward Migration: In 2022, a large number of individuals gave up on their old lives, packed up their stuff, and moved to Oregon in search of fresh starts. According to the findings of recent research, Oregon was actually the second most popular state to move to in the previous year.

Oregon Had The Second Highest Inward Migration In 2022

United Van Lines, a firm that provides moving services, disclosed the results of its 46th Annual National Movers Study on Monday. The information provided by the company’s customers allowed the business to calculate which states in the United States will be the most popular places to relocate to in 2022.

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According to the data, Oregon was the second most popular state to migrate to last year, with 67% of people moving there from another state. In the 2021 version of the survey, it was ranked eighth, but it has now climbed all the way up to the first slot.

The Beaver State was rated in between Vermont, which held the number one spot, and Rhode Island, which was in third place. In addition to South Carolina and Delaware, Alabama was another state that saw a significant influx of new residents in the previous year.

Oregon Had The Second Highest Inward Migration In 2022
Oregon Had The Second Highest Inward Migration In 2022

According to United Van Lines, four of the top 10 states, including Oregon, are among the least densely populated states in the United States, with an average of fewer than 100 people living in each square mile. This statistic includes Oregon.

In addition to that, the organization identified the metropolitan regions that would have the highest percentage of incoming moves in 2022. The Eugene-Springfield area rated ninth with 69% of its population coming from other places, while the Portland and Vancouver area placed seventeenth with 65% of its residents coming from other places.

Michael Stoll, an economist and professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, mentions retirement, the desire to be closer to family, and changes in lifestyle as the most prevalent reasons people migrate.

“The United Van Lines study encompasses data that Americans are now moving from larger to smaller cities, mostly in the South, some in the West, but even an increase of migration to the Northeast, which has not been typical,” Stoll said in the release. “These migrations are occurring in regions of the country that are not typically affected by this trend.” Younger millennials are also moving to urban areas with thriving economies, such as Washington, District of Columbia (D.C.), and Portland, Oregon (Portland).

It’s possible that young millennials are more likely to relocate to “metropolitan economies,” yet a poll conducted by United Van Lines found that Baby Boomers and Generation X-ers relocated more frequently than any other age group. According to the data provided by the firm, more than 55 percent of United Van Lines’ interstate transfers were completed by customers aged 55 and over in 2018.

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The moving firm found that California, New York, and Michigan were among the states with the highest number of moves that went out of the country.

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