Oregon Private Health Insurance With Financial Assistance Open Enrollment Period Closes On January 15

Oregon Private Health Insurance: Open enrollment for private health insurance in Oregon’s health insurance marketplace will end on the 15th of January, the last day of the month. Open enrollment is the only time of year when individuals who do not receive health insurance via their employer or through a public program like Medicare or the Oregon Health Plan can enroll in health coverage through OregonHealthCare.gov, and they may be eligible for financial assistance.

Oregon Private Health Insurance With Financial Assistance

Since the first day of open enrollment, which was on November 1, 2022, a total of more than 138,000 people have signed up for health insurance coverage for the year 2023. Over eighty percent of Oregonians who have sought financial assistance have been determined to be qualified for this assistance. Because of these cost reductions, the monthly premium for health insurance is lower.

There is further financial assistance, which is known as cost-sharing reductions, available for thousands of residents of Oregon who have Silver-level plans and their out-of-pocket expenditures.

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According to Chiqui Flowers, director of the Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace, “even as the cost of living continues to skyrocket, health insurance continues to stay consistently available for many owing to the financial aid through the Marketplace.” Because it is necessary to safeguard both your health and your financial future, purchasing health insurance is one of the most valuable expenditures you will make in your lifetime.

The process of navigating the many health insurance alternatives might be difficult, but there are tools available to make the decision-making process simpler:

  • Consumers are able to get a quick and easy-to-use window-shopping tool (https://orhim.info/shop) on the OregonHealthCare.gov website. With this tool, users are able to see which plans and discounts are accessible to them. Users are also able to determine whether health insurance plans pay the cost of their prescription medications and are networked with their primary care physician or hospital of choice using this application.
  • You may determine whether or not coverage via your employer is regarded to be cheap with the use of a brand-new tool that can be found at https://orhim.info/ESItool.
  • At gov/GetHelp, residents may search for free assistance from health insurance professionals located around the state.

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