Oregon Is Home To The Flexible Rubber Boa

Rubber Boa: Boas are not the first snakes that spring to mind when you think about Oregon, but you may find them in places like meadows, deserts, and rocky terrain.

Oregon Is Home To The Flexible Rubber Boa

Rubber boas can tolerate a wider range of temperatures than many other reptiles. Because of their ectothermic nature, they must find additional ways to maintain a constant internal temperature. However, some have been observed surviving at temperatures as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit by increasing the temperature of their heads.

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The head and the tail of a rubber boa seem remarkably similar to the naked eye, which makes it difficult for predators to know which part to target. They aren’t the swiftest snakes, but they can slither beneath rocks and bark to avoid detection.

While pinky mice make up the bulk of a rubber boa’s food, the snake is also known to snack on lizards, tiny frogs, lizard eggs, and even small birds.

Keep in mind that most individuals won’t be able to match a snake’s precise temperature and feeding demands if you plan on getting one as a pet. If you don’t have much expertise in taking care of animals, it’s preferable to stick with a more tamed pet. Wildlife Images has a website, wildlifeimages.org, where you may learn more about the organization and how you can help.

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