Oregon Largest Power Companies, According To A Survey, Fall Short Of Climate Goals

Oregon Largest Power Companies: Its most recent Dirty Truth study graded 77 of the largest electric companies in the United States, including PGE, Idaho Power, and PacifiCorp (the parent company of Pacific Power, which serves Oregon and California). Only one of Oregon’s three largest electrical providers was found to be on pace to reach the Biden administration’s target of generating 80% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030 and 100% by 2035.

Oregon Largest Power Companies, According To A Survey, Fall Short Of Climate Goals

The Energy Information Administration of the United States reports that as of 2015, more than 40% of the country’s power came from emission-free sources.

The Sierra Club gave each of the state’s three largest private electricity providers a letter grade for their respective plans to reduce emissions over the next decade: an “F” for PGE, the largest private electricity provider in the state, serving nearly 1 million customers; a “D” for PacifiCorp; and a “C” for Idaho Power.

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Companies were given points based on their commitment to ending the use of coal for electricity generation and replacing it with renewable sources during the following decade. Companies were penalized if they intended to increase their output of fossil fuels or if they did not commit to investing in enough renewable energy to fulfill projected demand by the year 2030.

Oregon Largest Power Companies, According To A Survey, Fall Short Of Climate Goals
Oregon Largest Power Companies, According To A Survey, Fall Short Of Climate Goals

PGE’s grade in the Sierra Club’s Dirty Truth report has dropped from a “C” in 2021 to an “F” in 2022, despite the company’s efforts to increase its use of renewable power in recent years. The country has promised to transition to 100% renewable energy sources by 2040, not 2035, and has made no commitment to cease the import of electricity generated by coal.

The corporation received a failing grade because its public pledges to cut emissions went beyond what its existing plans could accomplish, a practice known as “greenwashing.”

PGE communications specialist Sarah Hamaker wrote in an email that the corporation does not agree with the grade.

The state of Oregon “has some of the most stringent climate objectives in the nation and PGE is delighted to support these policies,” she said, adding that the firm has also dismantled the last coal plant in the state, located in Boardman in northeast Oregon.

She also mentioned the company’s new Wheatridge Renewable Energy Facility in Morrow County as evidence that the firm is expanding its commitment to renewable energy. According to Hamaker, this project ranks high among the largest wind and solar generating and storage facilities in the United States.

Compared to the previous year, when PacifiCorp scored an “F,” this year’s “D” is an improvement. This is because the corporation has pledged to reduce its reliance on coal and increase its investment in renewable energy over the next decade. The study, however, indicates that the corporation intends to enhance gas-powered energy production over the course of the next decade.

As a result of its pledge to reduce coal-generated power by half and boost renewable energy generation by over 60% over the next decade, Idaho Power’s grade was raised from an “F” to a “C.”

The state of Oregon’s two main electric companies, PGE, and Pacific Power, are required by the Clean Energy For All bill that was enacted by the legislature in 2021 to transition to 100% non-fossil fuel sources by the year 2040. It also forbade the construction of any further power plants in Oregon that would use fossil fuels. Today, hydropower provides more than half of Oregon’s electrical needs and produces zero greenhouse gas emissions.

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Roughly 40% of all power consumed in the United States comes from the 77 utilities studied by the charity. Most utilities are not on track to achieve the Biden objectives, and over half have made no progress toward their emissions goals in the past year, according to the report.

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