Oregon Community Colleges Support Their Students With Funding From The State

Oregon Community Colleges: Benefits from a multi-million dollar statewide workforce package are starting to trickle down to Oregon’s community college students. Future Ready Oregon, the state’s $200 million investment in job training and education, has allowed universities to begin providing free and reduced-price courses, support for student needs, and increased programming.

Oregon Community Colleges Support Their Students With Funding From The State

About $15 million of that total has been distributed to Oregon’s seventeen community colleges through Future Ready to enhance mostly certificate and associate’s degree programmes with a focus on hands-on industry. Depending on the individual’s goals, these career pathways may lead to further education or directly into the profession. Additional funding for Future Ready has been made available to several universities by way of workforce investment boards.

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The Future Ready grant for professional pathways awarded to Clackamas Community College was close to $980,000. Starting the next week, it will use some of that funding to provide students with subsidised and free programming.

More than ninety different specialised programmes offered by CCC are available at a reduced cost. Students from historically underserved demographics, such as people of colour, women, the economically disadvantaged, and veterans, will be given preference.

Oregon Community Colleges Support Their Students With Funding From The State
Oregon Community Colleges Support Their Students With Funding From The State

“The idea is to assist students to start on a career pathway in a career technical, hands-on programme, finish it, and then become hired,” Britany Ellerbrook, director of Future Ready Oregon Career Pathways at CCC, told OPB.

According to Ellerbrook, the institution is providing more funding for programmes that lead to careers in healthcare, welding, irrigation, and CNC operation. She mentioned that the institution offers supplemental classes in such areas for students enrolled in ESL and adult basic education programmes. According to Ellerbrook, many of the programmes do not provide students with enough credits to qualify for financial aid.

“With this money, we can truly pay for tuition,” she remarked. “Before this, we weren’t really able to accomplish that.”

Ellerbrook explained that the institution may provide Future Ready funding to cover expenses such as accommodation, transportation, childcare, and textbooks if students find alternative methods of covering tuition. She explained that the school takes a “holistic” approach by “maximising all of those resources for the kid” based on their individual needs.

This month marks the beginning of the winter semester, and according to Ellerbrook, students will be able to receive about $3,000. They will be eligible for an additional $3,000 the following semester if they continue to participate in the programmes. The careerΒ path is “only a start… but it’s a terrific one,” Ellerbrook said. You can acquire the skills necessary for employment in sectors that are experiencing a skills gap in as little as six months.

Future Ready’s increased student support

Twelve of Oregon’s seventeen community colleges have reported using funds from Future Ready Oregon career pathway awards to subsidise students’ tuition and fees, as reported by the Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission.

Chemeketa Community College is investing $300,000 in direct student support, primarily through the waiver of course fees for vocational-technical education and other wraparound services. examples are gift cards for petrol and child care. Some integrated education and training programmes that help students whose first language is not English are also funded by this initiative.

The $22,500 was allocated by Central Oregon Community College to help students in vocational-technical areas including nursing, graphic design, and manufacturing. It has budgeted an extra $125,000 to provide to students for the upcoming semester.

Community college textbooks have been purchased with Future Ready money at both Clatsop and Linn-Benton.

More institutions than ever have applied for Future Ready funding from their regional workforce boards. To help students enrol in and complete professional pathway programmes, Southwestern Oregon Community College has received funding from the Southwestern Oregon Workforce Investment Board.

The Portland Community College is getting ready to increase its programmes at local prisons. In anticipation of the reintroduction of Pell awards for jailed persons this July, Portland Community College is using part of its Future Ready Oregon funding to support a pilot programme.

This winter, four college professors will be stationed at Oregon’s women’s jail, Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, to instruct in writing and college preparedness. According to the university, around forty Coffee Creek College students have registered for at least one of the two offered courses.

“As a college, it is our purpose to assist underserved and underrepresented peopleβ€”and this population has obvious access challenges,” wrote Lisa Regan-Vienop, manager of Corrections Education Transitions at PCC.

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During the next 18 months, Coffee Creek anticipates releasing about 100 individuals to the PCC service district, as stated by Regan-Vienop. In order to help ex-offenders get back on their feet financially, she added, “The college, in cooperation with the Department of Corrections, is ideally positioned to facilitate transitions for AICs reentering society by developing clear paths to the College and supporting further education.”

Additional courses, including those in math and health, will be available at Coffee Creek in the next spring semester thanks to PCC’s hiring of new teachers.

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