How Did Andrew Tate Get Arrested? What Is The Statement Of The Romanian Directorate?

How Did Andrew Tate Get Arrested: In 2016, the ex-kickboxer gained notoriety after he was booted from the British reality show Big Brother after a video surfaced of him allegedly assaulting a housemate. Because of his controversial views that women should “carry responsibility” for sexual assault, Twitter eventually banned him from the platform, catapulting him to Internet stardom. Since then, he’s been brought back into good standing.

How Did Andrew Tate Get Arrested?

He became widely known, especially among young men, for advocating a hyper-masculine, ultra-opulent lifestyle, and this despite being banned from several social media platforms.

Tate, a British citizen born in the US, competed professionally as a kickboxer and won world titles before he became a household name throughout the world.

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After a video surfaced of him beating a lady with a belt in 2016, he was quickly evicted from the Big Brother house. Tate claimed the video was doctored, calling it “a pure fraud attempting to make me seem terrible” after he was expelled. Since “misogyny is a vile philosophy that is not accepted,” Mr. Tate has been removed from social media sites including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, and TikTok has also blacklisted him.

Twitter had previously banned him, but after Elon Musk’s takeover, he was reinstated. On a regular basis, he was shown in recordings flaunting his pricey collection of sports vehicles, private aircraft, and lavish vacations.

A DIICOT representative told the BBC that prosecutors had requested to keep the influencer in a “detention center” for another 30 days.

How Did Andrew Tate Get Arrested
How Did Andrew Tate Get Arrested

According to the spokeswoman, a court will make a decision on the case on Friday. As of April, the brothers and two Romanian nationals have been under scrutiny. The two brothers, according to their lawyer who spoke to the BBC, did not waive their right to remain silent throughout the detention hearing.

According to DIICOT‘s statement, the four suspects “appear to have constructed an organized crime organization with the objective of recruiting, housing, and exploiting women by forcing them to make pornographic content intended to be seen on specialized websites for a fee.”

A social media video shows Tate and his brother being escorted out of a mansion.

A representative for Tate told the Daily Mirror he had no information about the arrest. The Tate brothers, he continued, “however, have the highest respect for the Romanian government and will always cooperate and help in any manner they can.”

In a later tweet, Andrew Tate, who frequently makes references to the 1999 film The Matrix, made another reference to the movie.

The message claimed that “Matrix agents” had been dispatched. Matrix-related tweets from Twitter CEO Elon Musk were also retweeted from this account.

Outside the Bucharest offices of the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism, Andrew and Tristan Tate are led by police officials (DIICOT). After police stormed Andrew Tate’s home in Bucharest, he and his brother Tristan were arrested.

Romanian Directorate Statement

The Romanian Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism released a statement on Thursday night, without naming the Tate brothers specifically, saying that two British nationals and two Romanian nationals were under investigation for their possible involvement in a human trafficking ring.

Six victims of an “organized criminal organization” who were “sexually exploited,” according to the statement, have been found. The police claimed the victims were “recruited” by the British nationals, who used “the loverboy approach” to deceive them into thinking they wanted to start a relationship with them. The complaint said that they were afterward threatened with physical harm if they did not act in scenes with obscene material.

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It’s been five years since Tate settled in Romania. After posting a video attacking environmental campaigner Greta Thunberg, rumors circulated online that police had been alerted about Tate’s presence in the nation.

Some viewers of the video assumed he had accidentally given out his location because he was given a pizza box from a nearby eatery.

Earlier this week, Tate, age 36, sparked a spat with the activist, age 19, when he tagged the younger man in a social media post in which he boasted about the “enormous emissions” caused by his collection of vehicles.

She responded to the arrest by tweeting, “this is what happens when you don’t recycle your pizza boxes,” referencing the internet rumor.

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