Funeral Preparation Program In Oregon Prepares Students To Support Grieving Families

Funeral Preparation Program: It is anticipated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that the need for funeral service personnel would increase rapidly during the next decade. Because of the ageing of the population, the National Funeral Directors Association projects a rise in deaths over the next several decades.

Funeral Preparation Program In Oregon Prepares Students

According to Oregon Mortuary & Cemetery Board Director Chad Dresselhaus, many licenced professionals in the industry are still healing psychologically and physically from the “crushing demands” of the epidemic, making it difficult for Oregon facilities to attract and retain staff.

When it comes to satisfying those labour demands, Mt. Hood is indispensable. At the Gresham campus, 44 students are majoring in mortuary science this year.

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To enter the field of funeral service in Oregon as a new practitioner, one must earn an associate degree and finish an apprenticeship programme. The Mt. Hood programme is the only in-person Oregon programme with accreditation to train future embalmers, therefore it meets those standards. Graduates of the programme are eligible to seek certification as funeral directors, embalmers, or both.

Associate degrees in funeral services will cost students around $18,000 and two years of their time. They are trained in the fundamentals of family counselling, the chemistry of decomposition, and basic bookkeeping so that they can manage the business end of a funeral home. After a year of anatomy and physiology, students learn how to embalm in a dedicated lab on campus.

Funeral Preparation Program In Oregon Prepares Students
Funeral Preparation Program In Oregon Prepares Students

According to the funeral education board, a larger percentage of graduates from the local programme than the national average pass the industry board tests, and the vast majority of them find employment in the profession. According to government data, the average salary for a manager of a funeral home is $74,000 per year, whereas the average salary for a mortician or funeral organiser is around $50,000 per year.

Doug Ferrin, who has managed Mt. Hood’s funeral services for almost two decades, has observed that the programme consistently attracts a wide range of people. A number of freshmen enter just after finishing high school, while others make the transition later in life. Women in their twenties and thirties make up the majority of students, marking a change from the once-male-dominated field.

More than 1,200 people have graduated with a degree in funeral care since the programme began in 1970, according to Ferrin; photographs of past students may be seen hanging on the walls. Photographs of males in suits in black and white give way to photos of women in colourful gowns and sweaters.

The shifting population is “a phenomenon countrywide,” Ferrin added. To put it simply, we don’t know why. Before, everything was completely reversed.

According to American Board of Funeral Service Education executive director Robert Smith, around 70% of funeral service school graduates in the United States are female.

Some of Dr Ferrin’s students were interested in forensics after seeing series like “True Crime” and “Forensic Files,” in which medical examiners and forensic scientists play important roles. Some were optimistic doctors who, instead of treating the living, began caring for the deceased. Students like Shelton found success by learning from their own mistakes.

Ferrin stated that the number of applicants consistently exceeds the number of spots available in the Mt. Hood programme. He assesses resumes according to shown skills and academic preparation. Priority is given to students who have previous experience in the healthcare or funeral service sectors. What they’re getting themselves into is clearer to them now.

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Not everyone can deal with the stress and anguish of families and making arrangements with individuals who are going through this really awful moment, as Ferrin put it. “It’s tough to fully recreate that in the software.”

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