Oregon And California Rank Among The Top Five States In Terms Of Cyber Security Awareness

Cyber Security Awareness: A growing number of internet users are concerned about the safety of their personally identifiable information as more and more data is uploaded to the internet. Recent studies have shown that Oregon and California are two of the states with the highest levels of security awareness.

Top Five States In Terms Of Cyber Security Awareness

An investigation that was carried out by the University of Maryland found that there are around 2,200 instances of cybercrime that take place every single day in the United States. This equates to around 93 assaults per hour and approximately 803,000 attacks each and every year. As the prevalence of this problem grows, an increasing number of people are searching for solutions to keep their information secure.

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TechShielder, an organization that specializes in Internet privacy and digital security, recently came up with a list of the states that are home to citizens who are the most security concerned. Oregon and California are both among the top five states on the list.

In the study, a comparison was made across the states based on the amount of Google searches each state had conducted for the following terms:

  • VPN
  • Private browsing
  • Incognito mode
  • Delete cookies
  • Change password
  • Private search
  • Erase history
  • And clear cache.

According to the findings of the survey, people in California have the highest level of cyber awareness. There were a total of 119,320 inquiries about the aforementioned topics inside this state, which has a population that is close to 36.5 million people. This takes the total number of searchers per 100,000 persons up to around 301 searchers.

The state of Oregon ranked third with around 291 searches carried out per 100,000 residents. There were a total of 12,020 searches conducted inside this state, which has a population that is close to 4.19 million people.

The following is a list of the top 10 states in the country:

  • California
  • Nevada
  • Oregon
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Texas
  • Florida
  • Utah
  • Colorado
  • Virginia

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