On January 17th, The Oregon Legislature Will Once Again Convene. Learn How to Join Up Below!

Oregon Legislature: On December 17 and 18, legislators met to get a glimpse of what the 2023 Oregon Legislative Session, which officially begins on January 17, would look like. For the first time since the COVID-19 epidemic of 2020, when work in the Capitol and throughout the world was relocated online, the public can attend committee hearings in person.

The Oregon Legislature Will Once Again Convene

The south entrance on State Street will remain open to the public as usual, but the Oregon State Capitol’s enhanced remote access will continue to serve the needs of those who are unable to physically visit the facility.

Outdoor Crowd Invited Indoors

On December 2nd, the Oregon Legislature declared that the south gate was once again available to the public. The announcement warned that owing to the major repairs being done on the Capitol, the chambers will have a reduced capacity.

The Capitol Accessibility, Maintenance, and Safety Project have a protracted timeline, with construction not set to wrap up until January 2025. The project’s goal is to fix the “severe seismic concerns” that the Capitol Master Plan Review Committee identified in 2013.

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Seismic retrofitting of the building’s historic core, a remodeled basement with four additional hearing rooms, a new cafรฉ, and new stairwells from the first floor are all part of the project. Lawmakers will be able to utilize a common lounge between the House and the Senate as well as benefit from an improved fire suppression system.

Access to Hearing Rooms A-F and legislative offices is currently available through the south door, which features a new handicapped ramp. Prior to the last session, the hearing rooms were closed so that they could be updated with new flooring, lighting, window coverings, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Oregon Legislature Will Once Again Convene
Oregon Legislature Will Once Again Convene

During regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm), the public spaces will be open for exploration. The Capitol building will still have security checks at every entry. The new safety procedures began operating in January of this year.

Continuation of Remote Participation

Anyone who wishes to testify in a distant capacity may continue to do so. Beth Petrino, the deputy director for Committee Services at the Legislative Policy and Research Office, has stated that the procedure will be quite similar to how it was handled during the epidemic.

Participants who wish to submit written testimony in advance of the conference will be required to register. One hour before the commencement of the meeting, registration will end. The agenda for the committee or subcommittee meeting will provide a registration link or a toll-free number to contact with a phone number and access code.

Visit https://www.oregonlegislature.gov/ for further information.

If you want to submit written testimony for the committee to review, you have until the start of the meeting the following day to do so. In order to provide testimony on a bill, one must locate the committee that is responsible for it and then click the “Click to Submit Testimony” link. You can select a committee and a meeting date from the drop-down menus on the Testimony Submission Form, which can be accessed using the URL provided. When you click on a date for a meeting, you’ll get a list of all the measures that will be discussed at that meeting.

Don’t forget to fill out the form. It will require your full name, email address, place of employment or residence, the name of the organization or city you represent, the name of the person you are testifying for, and your stance on the legislation being discussed (oppose, support, or neutral.) After that, either paste your testimony into the text box or upload a pdf version of it.

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When you’ve finished filling out the form, click the button labeled “submit,” and then wait for the message “testimony submitted successfully.” As the next legislative session gets underway, there may be alterations to the specific directives. Details will be posted online, so stay tuned.

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