Governor Brown Names 2 Judges To Oregon Supreme Court In Final Days

Governor Brown Names 2 Judges: In her last week as governor of Oregon, Kate Brown announced five judicial nominations. Twice to the state’s highest court. Brown appointed two new justices to the Oregon Supreme Court, Stephen Bushong and Bronson James. She also appointed new Multnomah County Circuit Court and Court of Appeals justices. Brown has nominated more judges to the courts than any prior Oregon governor.

He has appointed a total of 112 justices, including eight to the Oregon Supreme Court. The governor’s office has appointed two new Supreme Court judges; here’s more information about them. Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Stephen Bushong has been nominated to fill the vacancy left by Supreme Court Justice Thomas Balmer’s retirement.

Bushong is a former Miller Nash attorney who served as chief trial counsel and attorney-in-charge of the Oregon Department of Justice’s Special Litigation Unit. He is presently Multnomah County’s sitting judge and top civil judge. He received both his undergraduate and law studies at the University of Michigan.

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In addition to coaching the Franklin High School “We the People” team, Bushong is involved in the community as a member of the Oregon Law Commission and the Uniform Trial Court Rules Committee. Bronson James, a Court of Appeals judge since 2017, will succeed Chief Justice Martha Walters on the Supreme Court when she retires. James’ most recent judicial job was as a trial judge on the Multnomah County Circuit Court.

Governor Brown Names 2 Judges
Governor Brown Names 2 Judges

Prior to entering the bench, he worked as an appellate public defender for the Oregon Office of Public Defense Services and represented criminal offenders and injured plaintiffs at his own firm. James attended Reed College as well as Lewis & Clark Law School.

In addition to his judicial responsibilities, he is an active member of the Ad Hoc Committee on Unconscious Bias and the Judicial Leadership and Education Committee of the State of Oregon, as well as a Mock Trial Coach for the Classroom Law Project. Unlike the United States Supreme Court, Oregon’s top court justices serve staggered six-year terms before being elected. Elections are seldom disputed, and even fewer are successful.

Brown’s decisions will have far-reaching consequences not just for the state’s highest court, but also for the state’s tax, trial, and appellate courts. She has appointed 56 women, 55 men, and 1 non-binary person to the bench since taking office in 2015. She has chosen 27 minority justices to the bench, including two Native Americans and eight out and proud LGBTQ+ members.

Planned Move Of Kate Brown

Planned Move Of Kate Brown
Planned Move Of Kate Brown

When I graduated from law school, there was only one woman on the (Oregon) Supreme Court, Brown said OPB. “Her name was Betty Roberts, and she was a Supreme Court Justice. Prior to becoming governor, I had never worked on a court with more than two women. The maximum number is two. And as soon as I became governor, I made it a priority to change.

Brown’s most recent Supreme Court appointments are Stephen Bushong and Bronson James. Bushong will take over for retiring Justice Thomas Balmer on the Multnomah County Circuit Court, where he has been a member since 2008. Before being appointed to the court, Bushong worked as a lawyer for Miller Nash and subsequently for the Oregon Department of Justice’s Special Litigation Unit.

James, a member of the Court of Appeals since 2017, will take over for retiring Chief Justice Martha Walters. In his private practice and as an appellate public defender with the Oregon Office of Public Defense Services, James has represented both criminal defendants and injured plaintiffs.

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Planned Move Of Kate Brown
Planned Move Of Kate Brown

Megan Jacquot, a Coos and Curry County circuit court judge since 2016, has been nominated by Brown to replace the seat on the Oregon Court of Appeals left by Justice James’ elevation to that court. Jacquot served as a lawyer specializing in juvenile defense and appeals before becoming a judge in Coos Bay. She is the first Chocktaw Nation member to serve on a state appellate court, and she has already registered. Jacquot also serves on the Governor’s Foster Care Commission.

Bryan Francesconi, a public defender, and Rima Ghandour, a civil litigator, will shortly occupy two seats on the Multnomah County Circuit Court. Justice Adrienne Nelson, the first Black judge on the Oregon Supreme Court and a Brown appointee, has been nominated to the federal court by the Biden administration and is currently awaiting confirmation by the United States Senate. Don’t forget to share this news with your loved ones, and check out Focus Hillsboro.

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