Shocking News on Twitter: Hacker Posts 400 Million Twitter Users Stolen Data

Shocking News on Twitter: Because of one of the most significant data breaches at Twitter, the personal information of 400 million Twitter users has been made available for purchase on the dark web. After criticizing Twitter’s business practices and guidelines, Elon Musk may find himself in the middle of a scandal of this proportions.

The investigation into the prior data breach, which affected more than 5.4 million people, has already been initiated by the DPC. Late in the month of November, the prior security compromise was found. A portion of the data was leaked by the hacker and published on one of the hacker’s websites as proof that the data is genuine.

Shocking News on Twitter: Hacker Posts 400 Million Twitter Users Stolen Data

The sample data contains each user’s email address, username, the number of followers they have, the date they created their account, and, in some instances, their phone numbers as well. The fact that the hacker’s sample data includes information from several user accounts that are fairly well-known is shocking. The user data that is included in the sample data comes from Tom Cruise, Sundar Pichai, and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in India, amongst other users

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The sample data includes information from a significant number of users who are more well-known. The vast majority of them will cast fingers at the staff members in charge of social media, but if the data leak is real, the consequences will be catastrophic. According to Alon Gal, co-founder and CTO of the Israeli cybercrime intelligence firm Hudson Rock, the information was most likely gleaned from an API flaw that allowed the threat actor to search any email or phone number and return a Twitter profile.

This flaw gave the threat actor the ability to search for a Twitter profile associated with any email or phone number.

The hacker states in his post, “Twitter or Elon Musk if you are reading this you are already risking a GDPR fee for 5.4m breach imagine the fine of 400m people breach source.” he says this in reference to the number of users whose data was compromised. If you want to avoid having to pay the penalty totaling $276 million USD that Facebook was given for breaking the GDPR, you will need to purchase this data solely (533 million users were scraped).

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The hacker writes, “After that, I will erase this thread and will not sell this info again,” implying that he is open to the “Deal” going through an intermediary. “After that,” the hacker says, “I will not sell this info again.” And the data will not be sold to any third parties, which will prevent many public figures, including politicians and celebrities, from engaging in activities such as phishing, cryptocurrency scams, SIM swapping, and doing, as well as other activities that would undermine user confidence in your company and bring an end to your current growth and hype.

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