3 Sisters Participate in Basketball for the Newest No. 1 Oregon Squad

3 Sisters Participate in Basketball: The Pacific Northwest will host a number of outstanding high school basketball tournaments the following week. from the Pacific Office Automation Holiday Classic for girls in Portland to the boys’ Les Schwab Invitational in Hillsboro.

3 Sisters Participate in Basketball for the Newest No. 1 Oregon Squad

A trio of sisters who compete for the Clackamas Cavaliers, the new top-ranked girl’s team in the state and in the top 25 in the nation, are featured in FOX 12’s Nick Krupke’s High School Spotlight. Rhyan Mogell adds, “My granny gets very pleased and says, ‘All three Mogel sisters are out on the court,'” Since we were young, we had been anticipating it.

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The Basketball of Clackamas The Mogel family is committed to the present and the past. “Reyce and I would come around to all of the sessions and join in whenever we could during Ryan’s first year playing rec league because my mom was the coach,” recalls Dylan Mogel.

Reyce Mogel responds, “Dress and leggings.” We would simply step in when they needed us. The sisters, who were born in Boise, relocated to Beaver State in 2008.

Due to the fact that I was an only child, Rhyan laughs, “My mom had this large belly and I was trying to get her to pick me up and she was like no, get away from me.”

3 Sisters Participate in Basketball for the Newest No. 1 Oregon Squad
3 Sisters Participate in Basketball for the Newest No. 1 Oregon Squad

Dylan and Reyce Mogel are now sophomores, while Rhyan is the team’s captain and one of two seniors headed to division one for the top-ranked Cavaliers. Big sister will stay at home and play hoops with the Portland Pilots on the bluff.

Rhyan says, “I believe it feels fantastic to just know. I’ll be somewhat close to home and able to keep following these two with what they have going on and my brother, especially knowing I’m going to such an excellent program and with such good people. My family and I are quite close. The 2023 state championship run is once in a lifetime.

Reyce remarks, “I think it’s incredibly cool that even with everything she’s been through, she still worked for it. She missed the majority of her high school seasons with COVID, a sophomore with COVID, and a junior with the ACL, and this is her one year.

All three of the sisters, Rhyan last season when Clackamas reached the semifinals, Reyce in the eighth grade, and Dylan this past July, all play for Northwest Select and have recovered from knee operations. It is rather evolutionary. You seem to be dialing, says Rhyan. The first one was trial and error; my dad had some experience doing it himself, but it was simpler for me.

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The most difficult parts are behind us, and the greatest is still to come. Reyce observes that she “leads by example.” She won’t ask you to do something that she isn’t willing to undertake herself. Up until it’s not, there is only love in the family.

Because we are constantly around each other, Dylan believes that we definitely snap at each other more quickly than we do with other teams. We recover much more quickly as well. We sort of have best friends in each other, Royce explains. “We’ve always supported one another. On and off the court, that is a really unique phenomenon.

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