Theft of Gifts Meant for the Homeless Population in Oregon

Theft of Gifts: A car full of gifts meant to be handed out to Portland’s houseless community was stolen on Saturday before they were to be delivered. Every year, Blanket Coverage Ministry hand delivers dozens of presents, blankets, socks, and hand warmers to local homeless people during the holiday season.

Theft of Gifts Meant for the Homeless Population in Oregon

β€œWe realized that the Gorge was going to shut down because of all the snow and ice coming and I loaded up my Lexus G74 (and) all the Christmas presents we have for giving out on the streets,” said Johnny Griffith with Blanket Coverage Ministry.

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Griffith left his car in a safe area overnight while he hunkered down to ride out the storm. But the next morning, he found that his car had been broken into and everything had been stolen.

β€œIt was devastating to find it that way,” he said. But that’s when volunteers sprang into action, donating gifts, funds, and other supplies.

β€œIt exemplified the Christmas spirit,” Griffith said.

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Griffith also said after this big storm, one thing people on the streets will need is dry blankets and clothes. There’s a local blanket drive happening currently as Way FM has drop locations all over the Portland Metro area.

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