Speaker of the Oregon House Ends His Three-day Tour With Stops in Hermiston and Boardman

Speaker of the Oregon House: Hermiston and Boardman were the two cities that marked the end of Oregon House Speaker Dan Rayfield’s (D), three-day tour of Central and Eastern Oregon last week. Rayfield is a Democrat from Corvallis.

Speaker of the Oregon House Ends His Three-day Tour With Stops in Hermiston and Boardman

In a news release that was issued on Wednesday, December 21, Rayfield stated, “As House Speaker, I will always try to serve all parts of the state.” “I would like to extend my gratitude once more to all of the local elected officials who took the time to welcome me this week and share valuable insight into the potential problems that exist in their towns. This will be really helpful feedback as we focus on the values and goals that Oregonians have informed us they want to see in 2023.

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On the 21st of December, Rayfield traveled to Hermiston with Representative Greg Smith, R-Heppner, to participate in a meeting with education leaders from the Hermiston and Umatilla school districts, as well as the city managers of Hermiston and Umatilla and other local businesses and nonprofits leaders.

After that, they had a discussion about the utilization of energy in the region with the directors of the Umatilla Electric Cooperative, including the power that the cooperative provides for the Amazon data centers that are located nearby.

The day came to a close with a meeting at the Port of Morrow and a driving tour of the Columbia Development Authority with Representative Bobby Levy (R-Echo), county commissioners from Gilliam, Morrow, Umatilla, and Wasco counties, and local leaders from Boardman, Irrigon, and Maupin, among other places.

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Before releasing committee assignments for the 2023 legislative session, Rayfield planned to speak with both returning legislators and incoming legislators, in addition to meeting with Smith and Levy on December 21.

On January 9, the 82nd Oregon Legislative Assembly will take its oath of office, and on January 17, the 2023 legislative session will get underway.

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