I-84 in the Columbia Gorge is Closed Due to Ice and Wind, and Many Other Oregon Highways Are Unsafe

Oregon Highways Are Unsafe: According to a statement sent by ODOT on Thursday night, Interstate 84 in the Columbia River Gorge between Troutdale and Hood River has been shut down in both directions due to hazardous circumstances induced by winter precipitation.

Due to Ice and Wind, Many Other Oregon Highways Are Unsafe

Icy conditions and strong gusts have made driving throughout the Gorge extremely hazardous, therefore exits 17 through 64 of the highway will stay closed until the weather improves.

Additionally, the Historic Columbia River Highway is closed east of Corbett, which means there is no way to get to the Vista House at Crown Point. There will likely be life-threatening wind gusts near Crown Point, according to the forecasters.

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During this widespread storm, U.S. Highway 26 over Mount Hood and many other roads that cross the Cascades cannot be considered safe alternate routes between Eastern and Western Oregon. There is ice and snow on many roadways, and there is a possibility that there may be toppled trees or power lines in the days to come because of the severe winds. It is recommended that travelers utilize TripCheck.com and make advance preparations.

The safest course of action is to completely avoid traveling on roadways until warmer temperatures help clear the roads. Ice poses a significant risk, and the winter toolbox that ODOT uses has very few solutions that are effective against it.

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