Oregon Ice Storm: How to Plan for Unexpected Power Disruptions

Power Disruptions: Customers are being warned by power providers to make preparations for the possibility of power disruptions as a result of freezing rain, ice, and extremely cold temperatures that are forecast to arrive in Oregon on Thursday.

Oregon Ice Storm: How to Plan for Unexpected Power Disruptions

According to a statement released by Pacific Power, the approaching storm will place the Portland metro region, coastal communities from Astoria to Lincoln City, the Willamette Valley, and Hood River at an elevated risk of power disruptions beginning Thursday and lasting through Friday.

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People were advised by Pacific Power and PGE to stock up on emergency supplies in advance of the storm. These supplies should include flashlights, nonperishable snacks, bottled water, and blankets. People were also warned not to touch downed power and utility wires or drive over them because of the possibility that they still had an electrical charge.


Customers of Pacific Power were advised to report power outages by calling 1-877-508-5088 or texting “OUT” to the number 722797.

According to a statement released by PGE, crews are making preparations to “mobilize fast” in order to restore electricity. Calling PGE at 503-464-777 is the best way to report an outage.

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The forecast calls for temperatures to fall into the mid-teens by Thursday morning, followed by snow and rain that might turn to freeze over the next two days. According to the Oregon Department of Transportation’s warning, a coating of ice that forms on certain roadways could make them nearly impossible to travel on.

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