ODOT Gives Tips for Safe Driving During Oncoming Ice Storm

ODOT Gives Tips: As of Thursday night, the National Weather Service is predicting that a significant portion of Oregon will be hit by an ice storm. As a result, the Oregon Department of Transportation is advising travelers to do everything in their power to complete their journeys before the storm ices over the roadways.

ODOT Gives Tips for Safe Driving During Oncoming Ice Storm

According to authorities at ODOT, ice storms typically last a short time and affect a small number of places. However, it looks probable that this storm will have a widespread impact throughout a large portion of the state.

This means that if a primary route is deemed risky to use, other routes are probably also deemed unsafe to take. The authorities believe that ice is the most hazardous type of road condition that may be encountered, and they advise that the best way to be safe is to remain indoors.

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If you are going to have to travel, the ODOT offers some advice for you on how to do it safely. Officials suggest utilizing tripcheck.com to get information on the state of the roads before heading out.

The Oregon Department of Transportation recommends that drivers increase the space between themselves and the vehicle in front of them, accelerate and decelerate cautiously, and watch out for falling trees and electrical wires.

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At temperatures lower than -20 degrees Fahrenheit, deicer and road salt are less effective than they would be at higher temperatures. Officials advise remaining watchful. In addition, ODOT recommends that drivers keep an eye out for their salt, deicer, and sand trucks and that drivers give these vehicles plenty of space to operate while they work to keep the roads safe.

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