Reply From the Oregon Republican Caucus to DEQ Proposed Gas-Vehicle Phase-out by 2035

DEQ Proposed Gas-Vehicle: On Monday, the Environmental Quality Commission adopted California’s Advanced Clean Cars II Rule, effectively prohibiting the sale of new gas-powered vehicles by 2035 and mandating manufacturers to comply.

Reply From the Oregon Republican Caucus to DEQ Proposed Gas-Vehicle Phase-out by 2035

The following statement was issued by Senators Fred Girod (R-Stayton) and Lynn Findley (R-Vale):

This was done behind closed doors by the governor’s executive order, which is an example of administrative rule-making and usurpation of legislative power. It looks like a serious breach of the principle of separation of powers.

DEQ is a government organization that has gotten out of control and requires immediate administrative intervention. Administrative regulation is subject to legislative review in nearly every state. As a result, Senator Girod said he was willing to draught legislation in the future session to do just that.

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“In addition, Oregon has so much forest preserved that the carbon stored by our woods comes near to making up for the carbon shortage that this new law is meant to address. Finally, Girod said, “I intend to present legislation that would require the carbon stored in Oregon’s forests to be included in carbon emissions estimates.”

“Oregonians everywhere deserve more than massive, blanket demands from unelected bureaucrats and interim directors,” said Senator Findley, who serves on the Joint Committee on Transportation. A more thorough public discussion and parliamentary study are needed before any action can be taken on this problem. By removing this power, we increase public mistrust in state institutions.

Reply From the Oregon Republican Caucus to DEQ
Reply From the Oregon Republican Caucus to DEQ

On Monday, December 19th, at a special meeting, the Environmental Quality Commission decided to approve the Advanced Clean Cars II Rule. The rule derives from California’s August legislation regulating auto emissions.

After the Oregon Environmental Quality Commission voted to prohibit the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035, the Oregon House Republicans issued the following statement.

Any preexisting vehicles will be unaffected, and used gas-powered vehicles can still be purchased, but anyone looking to buy a new one will have to look elsewhere than Oregon. The State of California established stricter regulations for automobile emissions in August, which serve as the basis for this law.

This is only the latest illustration of how out of touch our state agencies and commissions have gotten, Leader Breese-Iverson remarked. As her time in office winds down, Governor Brown is once again attempting to cement her progressive legacy without being held accountable for her actions.

This decision not only disregards the long-term interests of the battery-powered manufacturing industry it will have a disproportionately negative impact on Oregon’s working class.

Vice Chair of the Joint Committee on Transportation and Representative Boshart Davis both agree that “unelected bureaucrats should not be making choices for regular Oregonians.” As a result of prioritizing her ideology over what is best for Oregon, Governor Brown is the least popular governor in the United States.

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The Oregon House Republicans will keep speaking up for the state’s working class when they don’t feel they have a say in state government.

By signing Executive Order 20-04 in 2020, Governor Brown mandated that all state agencies achieve net-zero emissions by 2035. Costs for low and middle-class people will increase because of Governor Brown’s 2021 deadline for switching to unstable electricity sources.

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