The Death Of A Man In Hillsboro Has Been Ruled An Accident, Police Say

Death Of A Man: On Tuesday, the police stated that “currently, there is no criminal element” involved in the death of 33-year-old Joshua L. Ernst, whose corpse was discovered in a stream close to Hillsboro High School. Ernst was a resident of Hillsboro.

The Death Of A Man In Hillsboro Has Been Ruled An Accident, Police Say

But there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding the events that took place in Ernst’s last few minutes of life.

Randy Leetham, the Chief of Police for the city, issued a statement on Tuesday providing an update on the development of the investigation into the circumstances surrounding the discovery of Ernst’s corpse on Friday afternoon.

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“The findings of the autopsy are consistent with the numerous hours of video footage that were obtained and watched by investigators,” Leetham added. “The video surveillance was obtained and viewed by investigators.”

“At this point, there does not appear to be any criminal aspect to this unfortunate event; Ernst is shown on film accessing the creek by himself on many occasions.” Before reaching a conclusion for good, toxicology needs to be completed first.

“No, it does not look to be a suicide,” Leetham replied in response to follow-up inquiries posed by the Herald & Review through email.

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Due to the finding of the remains in such close proximity to the high school, the campus was evacuated on Friday evening; nevertheless, classes and other routine activities resumed the next day.

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