Oregon Officials Respond To The Biden Administration Programme For The Homeless

Biden Administration Programme: On Monday, the Biden administration unveiled a strategy to reduce homelessness by 25% by 2025. The “housing first” strategy will rely on federal financing, and the plan will take community feedback into consideration.

Oregon Officials Respond To The Biden Administration Programme For The Homeless

“A good indication that the Biden Administration takes these difficulties seriously is the Federal Strategic Plan. It’s time to take action, and I appreciate the knowledge and effort the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness put into this strategy. I beg our allies in government to give this proposal the consideration it merits and implement it with the resources, haste, and tenacity that these difficulties call for “said Mayor Wheeler.

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Mingus Mapps, one of the city commissioners, asserted that federal assistance needs to extend beyond affordable housing.

“I am pleased that the President is emphasizing homelessness because we require engagement and support from the Federal government to address this epidemic. The issue may be solved with the help of funding for affordable housing, eviction prevention, peer support, and job training. I also see the need for more initiatives, such as removing peer-to-peer meth and fentanyl from our streets, funding sobering facilities, drug and alcohol treatment centers, and in-patient residential programs “said Mapps.

Oregon Officials Respond To The Biden Administration Programme For The Homeless
Oregon Officials Respond To The Biden Administration Programme For The Homeless

Following the plan, Commissioner Dan Ryan is now exerting pressure on Multnomah County.

“I am pleased to see that homelessness is being treated as the humanitarian problem that it is at all levels of government. I have pushed for collaboration and accountability amongst the City, County, State, and Federal agencies ever since I was elected in order to provide a better on-ramp to stability for those who are facing chronic homelessness and untreated illnesses.

I’m optimistic that we can successfully reset with the Multnomah County Office of Homelessness in order to fill in the gaps in our local system and bring it into line with national and state goals. To guarantee that no one suffers homelessness in Portland in the future, I’m looking forward to analyzing the specifics of President Biden’s proposal and figuring out how we can include our local response “Ryan said.

Chris Hoy, the mayor of Salem, stated that the homeless situation is his main concern. Hoy was asked where he expected to see the government help over the following two years.

“Active possibilities for refuge and funding to expand our capabilities. Certainly, resources like a mobile crisis are crucial for those dealing with mental illness and the like, “added Hoy.

Hoy personally spoke with President Biden on Friday. The mayor claimed to have talked about the money for the American Rescue Plan.

“Here in the city, it will exhaust in two years. We have a rough budget for the next two years, but after that money runs out, we’re going to have serious financial problems if we don’t find another source of funding, so that’s really what I tried to concentrate on with all of them “explained Hoy.

Keizer’s mayor, Cathy Clark, is a part of the Mid-Willamette Valley Homeless Alliance.

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Clark claimed that in order to grow initiatives like affordable housing, the county needed more than just financial assistance.

In order to offer the sort of assistance necessary to address chronic homelessness, she said, “we’ve been stuck between a rock and a hard place and a cliff. If we can get to a situation where we are delivering continuous services, we know the money will be available today and tomorrow.”

According to Clark, the finest resource for folks going through rehabilitation is supportive housing.

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