Robert Herjavec Net Worth: How Much Wealth Did He Make By Selling The Business To Nokia?

Robert Herjavec Net Worth:Β Canadian tycoon and reality TV personality Robert Herjavec also established the rapidly expanding security software firm The Herjavec Group. During this period, he also had the opportunity to join the fledgling team of a technological firm, but only after successfully convincing the company’s founder to let him work for free. He used that background to launch his first tech firm, which he later sold for a tidy price.

The majority of his time is devoted to his business, guest-starring on business-themed television series, and, of course, his family. His life is the epitome of the “rags to riches” narrative, and he is now one of the most famous corporate executives in the world. As a novelist, he has achieved success with not one but two books that have become bestsellers.

People are curious to know about Robert HerjavecΒ Net Worth, early life, career, and personal life. If you are interested to know, stay with us until the end of the article.

Robert Herjavec Net Worth

Robert Herjavec Net Worth is around $250 million. He earned wealth from his profession as a Canadian businessman and investor. Robert Herjavec Net Worth was increased by appearances in television shows as aΒ  television personality.

Robert Herjavec Early Life

At the age of eight, Robert Herjavec and his family emigrated to Canada from what is now Croatia. Herjavec’s father had many difficulties as a child in the old Yugoslavia. The family patriarch spent a lot of time in prison for opposing communism. One of the motivations for the family’s move to Canada was the prospect of better job prospects. It was reported by Robert Herjavec that the family had only $20 and one piece of luggage when they arrived.

Over time, the family settled in Toronto, where Robert went to school and his father found employment at a neighboring factory. Robert started at school unable to speak English and was constantly teased by his peers. He also battled the stigma of belonging to a social status below that of most of his fellow Canadians. After coming, the family stayed in a basement for nearly a year.

In 1984, Robert completed his degree at U of T. While he went on to become a successful businessman, he didn’t study anything business-related in college. After completing his college studies, he earned degrees in both English literature and political science. These skills weren’t in high demand at the time, so Robert had to wait tables, deliver newspapers, and do other low-paying tasks to make ends meet for his family. You can also read Tony Hawk Net Worth.

Robert Herjavec Career: How Much Wealth Did He Make By Selling The Business To Nokia?

In his first career, he worked in the film industry in a variety of production positions. In the years 1985–1986, he served as an assistant director on many sets, including the film The Return of Billy Jack, which was never presented to the public. After working as the Field Producer of the ‘XIV Winter Olympic Games for Global TV, he left the film industry for good.

Later, he heard about a job vacancy at a tech company named Logiquest, which had previously sold IBM mainframe emulation boards. He got the job despite his lack of qualifications by volunteering to work for free for the first six months. He worked his way through the ranks to become Logiquest’s General Manager. At that time Robert Herjavec Net Worth started to grow.

Robert Herjavec Career
Robert Herjavec Career

Leaving in 1990, he launched BRAK Systems out of his basement. In a short amount of time, it climbed to the top of the Canadian market for cybersecurity software. AT&T paid $100 million for “BRAK Systems” in 2000. A second technological business he founded was sold to Nokia within a couple of years for $225 million. By selling this Robert Herjavec Net Worth gained a good amount of money.

After taking some time off to be a stay-at-home dad, he got back into the business world in 2003 by founding a firm called “The Herjavec Group.” His present position is that of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the firm, which is one of the most rapidly expanding technological businesses in Canada.

He’s not just an accomplished businessman, but also a well-known face on television. He appears in both the Canadian (CBC’s ‘Dragons Den) and American (ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’) adaptations of ‘Dragons’ Den.

His books “The Will to Win: Leading, Competing, and Succeeding” (1996) and “Driven: How to Succeed in Business and Life” (2010) are both bestsellers (2013). The former is predicated on the work and life ideals that brought him fortune and success, while the latter offers teachings that claim to lead readers to greater pleasure and success.

He also enjoys playing golf and running, in addition to auto racing, which is his true love. He has run marathons in 2010 (Miami) and 2011 (New York), as well as the prestigious Ferrari Challenge. He also has a passion for motorcycling and is a trained SCUBA diver. You should read George Lopez Net Worth.

Robert Herjavec Personal Life

Robert Herjavec wed Diane Plese in 1990, and they have two children together. The couple’s 24-year marriage ended in divorce after sharing in Herjavec’s entrepreneurial triumphs. A divorce was finalized after two years. The couple has three kids together: two daughters and a son. A judge upped the amount Robert was already required to pay his ex-wife following their divorce in 2019. An aggregate sum of $25,000,000 was given to Diane Plese.

Herjavec’s mental health apparently took a major hit after the divorce, and he battled sadness and suicidal thoughts. Herjavec’s involvement with philanthropy grew at this time, and he gave a large sum to a Seattle shelter for the destitute.

A contestant on the 20th season of “Dancing with the Stars,” Robert Herjavec appeared in 2015. He danced with an Australian performer named Kym Johnson. They placed 6th as a team. He eventually married Kym. Twins were born to the happy couple in 2017. You may be interested in Vince Mcmahon Net Worth.

Robert Herjavec Real Estate

Robert bought $7 million for a house in Toronto’s exclusive The Bridle Path area in the year 2000, when he was still married to Diane Plese. In March 2020, he made a $17.4 million profit on the sale of this residence.

For the sum of $14.6 million, Robert purchased a property in Hidden Hills, California, in 2019. He put the house up for sale in February 2021, asking $17.25 million. In May of 2021, he settled for $17 million.

In July of 2021, it was reported that Robert has purchased a 6,200-square-foot apartment in the One57 building in New York City. A year prior, the unit had asked for $45 million, thus Robert’s payment of $34.5 million was a significant bargain. Robert’s offer of $34.5 million is almost $13 million less than what the seller paid in 2015. The sale was represented by The Corcoran Group, which is owned by Robert’s “Shark Tank” co-star. You can also read Barbara Corcoran Net Worth.


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