Congratulations To Andrea Salinas For Making History As Oregon 6th District First Female Representative!

Congratulations To Andrea Salinas: Democrat Elected to Represent Oregon in Congress The political arena has been Andrea Salinas’ life’s work.

Congratulations To Andrea Salinas For Making History As Oregon 6th District First Female Representative

After working as an aide for Senator Harry Reid and Representative Darlene Hooley, she won the election to represent Oregon’s 38th Congressional District in 2017. Now that Oregon has a sixth congressional district, Salinas is the first person to represent that area.

Parts of Yamhill, Polk, Clackamas, Washington, and Marion counties are included in the new district, which means that there is a wide range of lifestyles and economies represented.

When asked about her strategy for serving the district, Salinas responded, “Really, it’s about getting out into the areas and talking to residents.” I did that while out campaigning, and I’ve heard that the high cost of living has been a problem for working families across the district. I’ve also heard about the homelessness epidemic, which is a problem in every county.

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The new representative has met with non-partisan elected officials from Polk, Yamhill, and Marion counties who are eager to get involved in community initiatives and infrastructure development in the area.

Congratulations To Andrea Salinas For Making History
Congratulations To Andrea Salinas For Making History

I have a responsibility to speak for the people who elected me, and I believe that our ideals are compatible. “I feel like I’ve been a part of this community for a number of years, working on the issues they’ve been working on, working side by side with a lot of union workers β€” especially those from AFSCME and SCIU, so a lot around the Salem area β€” and really working on agriculture issues with farm workers as well as the growers,” Salinas said, explaining that her district has the highest percentage of Latino residents in the state.

Salinas has stated that reauthorizing the Farm Bill will be her first priority once the 118th Congress convenes on January 3.

As a first step, Salinas has stated that she is running for a seat on the Agricultural Committee because she believes the reauthorization of the Farm Bill will be crucial for her district. The Willamette Valley is home to many family farms and specialized crop producers, so it is important that their interests be represented.

Salinas noted that, in addition to the Farm Bill, she is eager to work with Rep. Bonamici on problems related to child care in the state.

I’ve heard from many working parents that it’s difficult and expensive to obtain child care for their children so that they may return to the workforce. To that end, Salinas emphasized the need of lowering the cost of child care and ensuring that working parents in Oregon’s sixth congressional district have a safe and secure environment in which to leave their children while they are away at work.

In addition to state-level voucher programs, Salinas proposes federal support for the childcare industry by “propping up” childcare workers by “making sure that those childcare providers are being paid and reimbursed adequately, especially from the government because the government does pay for some providers for employment-related daycare.”

As several daycares faltered during the pandemic after decreasing the number of children they could enroll, she also brought up the need of ensuring companies had appropriate reimbursement levels to survive.

Salinas said she has also applied for a position on the Education and Labor Committee so she may continue to advocate for employees there.

Salinas defended the necessity for unionization and fair labor practices by explaining, “I do think working families need extra options and we need to make sure that β€” first of all, our school system is giving all that kids and parents in this district need.”

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The incoming congresswoman also gave some thought to the number of women in government, noting that there are more women within the class of 2018.

“It’s fascinating because I’ve been hanging out with a lot of the freshmen members the last few of weeks,” Salinas said, “and there’s a huge representation of freshman members on both sides of the aisle, of women.” However, she claims that it is obvious throughout the whole Congress.

Although males outnumber women, I believe that women’s and girls’ voices are powerful and respected.

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